People and People

One of the crispest looking dating sites, well designed and easy to navigate. It is an adult dating service strictly for the heterosexuals. It has a few extras that are nice, you have one public photograph, for your profile, but you can store three others to add to your e-mail communications. Another factor, which makes this site easy, is that it is arranged geographically, so you can find a compatible mate more easily. They do seem to have attracted a high number of people who are educated to at least college standard. At first sight it seems that most of the people are also under 40.

However none of this detracts from the site particularly if you are under 40 and looking for someone with a higher level of education. It also allows you to use Smarttalk, so that you can speak to someone without disclosing your phone number. I found this site one of the most restful in terms of design and it is real user friendly. It seems the site has been recently given the once over, it’s new look is very visually appealing. A detailed questionnaire also saves your time when it comes to compatible searches.

Ratings 4.5/5