“61% of American singles will look for a date on the internet this year. Most will go to sites like 2ofakind. “– NY Times 2OFAKIND is matchmaking and dating service, which covers heteros, gays and lesbians.

One of the things that make this site better than most is that they do the matchmaking for you. That means that the questionnaire is a little longer than most, but it does save you trawling through pages of people who are on a different continent, or who are not compatible. In the long run this saves you a lot of time, as their computer does the work for you. They send you two types of matches one which covers dates that are the most compatible to the type of person, you have said you are looking for, and then a second list for those which are realistically more compatible as a result of location. It is not much good finding your ideal match in Outer Mongolia, if you are looking for someone in Kansas.

This site is impressive because of its simplicity. The questionnaire you fill in asks you to state your physical characteristics, where you grew up, then asks you to state your goals and philosophies, and asks you if you have any interest in sport, an excellent questionnaire which will immediately weed out unsuitable matches.

Rating 5/5

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