Most Romantic Vacation Destinations in the US


Are you planning a romantic getaway for you and your partner but are not quite sure where you should go? Well, to be quite honest about it, you don't need to go very far if you are planning to rekindle the fire of your romance. You don't have to go all the way to Paris, Cyprus or Bali just to bring passion back into your love life. Yes, you can successfully achieve your goals without going too far from home! Here are some of the top romantic destinations in the country that you should seriously consider:

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Romance: The Secret Language Of Roses


Contrary to popular belief, the symbolism of roses is not confined to love. The symbolism that roses have can be traced back to Greek mythology and Roman culture. In Greek mythology, the goddess of love, Aphrodite, is closely associated with roses as she is often depicted with roses in her hair. The rose also symbolizes secrets, as used in the term “sub rosa” or under the rose that can be traced back to the Roman Empire. Romans would hang roses over the table during their secret meetings to symbolize that nothing discussed will be divulged to anybody.

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7 Tips for Romantic Gift Ideas.


Looking for the perfect anniversary gift? Birthday, Christmas, or Oops, Sorry! A gift of love, when chosen with some thought, should say all the right things. Lacking inspiration, or confidence? How to ensure your love gift idea will loved by your loved one...

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