7 Signs that You Are Not Dating the Right Person


How do you know that you are not dating the write person? Do you know the telltale signs that can indicate you are not made for each other? If you hear that nagging voice inside you telling you your relationship simply wouldn't work, then it's probably time to take a closer look at the situation. For all you know, it may be telling you that you need to get out of the relationship for your own good.

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8 Tips to Keep Your Relationship Alive


Do you know how you can keep your relationship going strong even as years pass by? Do you have an idea how you can survive the tough times that will surely put your relationship to the test? Needless to say, starting a relationship can be quite easy but keeping the relationship alive can be quite a challenge.

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6 Intelligent Ways in Dealing with your Ex.


So, you are divorced or perhaps separated but that does not really mean you will never ever see your ex again. There might be circumstances which cause you to cross paths – you may study in the same college, you live in the same locality or stay in the same office. Other certain occasions may be mortgage payments, child visitation rights and many others. Crossing paths may be a problem for the both of you. It may be that you or your ex is still angry, hurt and cannot accept the divorce or separation.

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Can A Failing Relationship Be Saved?


Since not all relationships work out and succeed, there are relationships that fail. There may be times when you feel that your relationship is failing and you want to do something in order to save it. Then we come to the question whether a failing relationship can be saved, yes it can be saved. If you feel like leaving your partner but one part of you wants to make it work, here are some things you can do:

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Dealing With Relationship Problems


It is not always an easy decision to get involved with someone and to go into a relationship. There will always be a lot of problems that will challenge both partners and the relationship itself. In the real world, it is not as simple as finding your princess or prince charming and living happily ever after. How a couple hurdles every challenge they face may strengthen or weaken their relationship. Moreover, every couple needs to fix whatever relationship problems they encounter the best way they could. Here are some tips on how to fix relationship problems:

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When Dating A Co-Worker


Though the decision to date an officemate or co-worker is one that many working adult make, there are various considerations that one should bear in mind before making that decision. More often than not, conspicuous office romances can tend to get distracting. Dating a co-worker has various implications not only on the personal level but also to your work relationship with each other and other co-workers. To minimize possible repercussions, here are some considerations you need to keep in mind:

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5 Secrets Of A Successful Relationship


Being in a successful relationship is not a matter of luck or kismet. A successful relationship is borne out of the conscious efforts of the both partners to make things work despite their differences and despite the adversities and challenges they face. There are a few basic truths about relationships, aside from love, and they are mostly founded on common sense but are oftentimes overlooked or taken for granted. However, if these secrets of successful relationships are unlocked and are lived out, a successful and deeply satisfy relationship can be achieved:

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What Women Look For In A Relationship


It is not unusual for some men to complain that women are overly sensitive. On the other hand, it is also not unusual to hear some women complaining that men are utterly insensitive. Making any relationship work takes effort from both partners and making some compromises and meeting halfway along the way.

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