Here Is How To Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work

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Being in a long distance relationship can be really challenging.  While it takes quite an effort to make an ordinary relationship work, the long distance between couples is an added challenge that needs to be overcome for a long distance relationship to work.  Aside from the usual issues in any relationship that can be addressed by open communication between partners, the distance compounds certain problems and the communication process can also be affected when the partners live far apart.

Long distance relationships over an extended period of time are harder to work out compared to situations when couples are apart for only a short time.  Extra efforts from both partners are needed to make it work.

Some say that absence makes the heart grow fonder.  On the other hand, there are people who believe in the maxim, “out of sight, out of mind.”  Whatever other people may want to believe, the importance of constant and open communication between partners is very important, whether it be a long distance relationship or not.  With open communication lines, the couple can talk about any problem that could arise and be in the better position to resolve it the earliest time possible.

It can get frustrating sometimes but letting such a bad emotion prevail can harm a long distance relationship.  With the advances in technology nowadays, especially in internet and communication technologies, communication between couples is not that hard compared to previous decades.  Here are some ways to make your long distance relationship work:

The Importance Of Keeping In Touch.  If possible, keep in touch daily.  If large monthly phone bills is a concern, you can send your partner emails, cards, and letters.  With internet technology, you can talk online anytime you want, do video calls, and see each other on webcam.  With regular communication, you can get updated about your partner’s activities, friends, problems, difficulties, achievements, and the like.  You can also update your partner with what has been going on with your life.

You may live far apart and you can not even hold hands as often as you want to, it is still very important for couples in a long distance relationship to share not only information about their activities and friends but, most importantly, to share lives.

Trust Is The Key.  The minute you agreed to a long distance relationship setup, you have also committed yourself to make it work despite the many challenges that usually beset this kind of relationship.  One major culprit why there are long distance relationships that don’t work is suspicion.  Being far apart and not being able to see your partner as frequently as you want to, even small and innocent things like your partner not being able to reply to a text message immediately or unanswered calls can tend to give way to suspicious thoughts that has the potential to break a relationship down.  This is why trust is so important not just for any relationship but especially for a long distance relationship.

Keep The Fire Burning.  Being far apart is not a reason to allow your love and passion for each other die or flicker out.  Both partners would need to profess their love and commitment to one another as much as possible.  The little things that you do for your partner helps a lot in keeping the fire burning in your relationship.  You can also consider other creative means of expressing your feelings to your partner in whatever medium that you can think of.  You can also surprise your partner with a bouquet of flowers or an unexpected visit to keep the passion alive.

Be Patient And Focus On The Future.  Patience really is a virtue especially when it comes to making long distance relationships work as it usually takes time for your long term plans to work out.  It would also be good if you can meet up or hold reunions with your partner from time to time.  Having a date is something that can greatly help your relationship, especially through rough times.  Focus on the future and make plans to eventually live in the same city if possible.

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