Reading Body Language When Speed Dating


During the course of speed dating, you will only have a limited time to talk with other speed daters. You will have roughly three to eight minutes to size up a potential date’s personality, character, lifestyle, and interests. You will not get that much information from other speed daters with the very limited time. However, you can read their body language to give you a better idea on the personality of other speed daters.

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What You Need To Know About Speed Dating


Speed dating is a way to meet other single people. During a speed dating event, you will either be one of those who go around in a rotation or the one seated. During this activity, you can meet and talk with participants of the opposite sex for anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes. Each participant will be given a sheet where you mark down who you feel compatible with. This sheet will be collected by the organizers at the end of the speed dating event. If two people select each other, both interested parties will receive the contact information of the other. Then, it’s all up to you from then on.

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Tips for Speed Dating


Don't like nightclubs? Heard enough terrible pick-up lines? Can't seem to meet new dates? Sat through one too many bad blind dates? Pushed for time? Why not try speed dating?

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