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Speed dating is increasingly becoming popular among single people nowadays.  While many people were wary of speed dating at first, it has now become an acceptable social activity in many societies.  It provides an opportunity for single individuals to meet their special someone in a rather prompt fashion.  Of course, it is also a great way to meet new people and make new friends.

During the course of speed dating, you will only have a limited time to talk with other speed daters.  You will have roughly three to eight minutes to size up a potential date’s personality, character, lifestyle, and interests.  You will not get that much information from other speed daters with the very limited time.  However, you can read their body language to give you a better idea on the personality of other speed daters.

Many speed daters are actually nervous, especially first timers, and they try not to let their anxiety show. This is common though.  Aside from what they will say to you, their body language will also give you a clue on who they are as a person.  A person’s body language can tell you many things about a person. Here are some basics of body language which will be helpful if you are going speed dating:

Signs Of Dominance

At the start of each speed date, you can observe and assess your date’s dominance level with the way he or she approaches you and makes first contact.  Some signs of dominance are exaggerated upright posture with shoulders and back, head tilted back, and swaggering walk.  Other signs also include crossed arms, palms-down gestures like slapping the table, having a lowered voice tone, and making a close approach.  You can automatically observe people that are overly confident, very dominant, overbearing, and very self-centered and you will get that feeling of getting suffocated upon talking with them.

Signs of Stress and Avoidance: The Liar Test

There are many speed daters who have a hard time being truthful in their answers especially with question that involve character or judgment issues.  You can look at their body language to see if they pass the liar test.

People who are lying usually exhibit signs of stress and avoidance.  When you see these signs in your date, he or she is having trouble with telling the truth.  One of the most telling signs is when your date averts his or her eyes to the side.  Other signs of stress and avoidance include rubbing the back of hands or fingers and touching the chin, the side of the paste, or lips.  Also look out whether your date will blush, have a wrinkled brow, and, if your date is a male, his Adam apple twitches.

Signs Of Interest

If your date is interested in you, his or her body language will tell you so.  Some of the signs that he or she is interested in you are lots and lots of eye contact, licking or biting of lips, rapid blinking of the eye, and stroking of the hair, neck, or jewelry.  If you see pouted or open lips, side tilt of head while having eye contact, and close approach or touching, more often than not, your date is attracted to you and is interested to explore relationship possibilities with you.

Signs Of Disinterest

When going speed dating, there will be people who will interest you and those who will not.  That goes the same with other speed daters.  You will know that the person opposite you is not interested in you when you see a blank expression, avoid eye contact, have his or her arms crossed, is sitting at an angle or sitting slumped.

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