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Use Sexual Body Language Advice for interpreting body language and sending out your own sexual signals. The art of flirting through nonverbal communication has never been easier! Flirt that first date into a second date!

1: Eyes on the prize. We all have problems shifting our gaze when we are attracted to someone. Even when the object of our lust has ceased speaking, the intense stare is still happening. To be a little provocative, use this to your advantage, and during a pause in conversation, keep your eyes on your date to the silent count of five. Conversely, the more often your date blinks, the more nervous they are.

2: Volume control. If they consider you their equal, their tone won’t be too high or too low. Very loud voices tend to belong to dominant personalities and very soft tend to the meek.

3: Hands. Tightly knitted hands, clenched fists, or hands pressed against the mouth indicate nervousness and tension. Even worse, if their hands are holding up their head as this shows total boredom, or they are about to collapse with fatigue or alcohol. Anxious people tend to hold their own hands or fidget with objects on the table. If you are terribly nervous, try placing your hands loosely clasped on the table, as this gives off better vibes than gripping your fingers together or folding your arms. Hands placed openly with palms facing upwards on the table indicate a more relaxed open person. Placing your hands on your chest while speaking makes you appear lively and truthful.

4: Flirting Guys. As guys become more sexually excited they start to give off their own sexual signals. These can include rubbing his nose, playing with his tie, sliding rings over fingers, and fiddling with loose coins in his pocket. Another sign that he is getting interested is when he starts to open his legs, putting his crotch on display. Adjusting his hair is a sign that he is wanting to look good for you. See this article to see if he’s keen on you.
5: Flirting Girls. Interested girls will start playing with their hair. Stroking her hair, Fluffing her hair, and the strongest of all, the flick of the hair, are all body language signals of availability or flirting. However, if she should start to hide behind her hair she is showing disinterest. Read this article for more on the flirting female.
6: Mouth. A very strong sexual body language gesture is when your date starts to eat, drink or smoke faster. Thinking about sex gets you touching your mouth. Putting things in your mouth can imply that you are interested sexually. Girls lick ice cream cones, play with spoons and suck their fingers.

7: Subconscious auto-erotic touching. Sexy thinking leads us to subconsciously touch ourselves, for several reasons. Firstly, to gain attention to various body parts. Guys and girls will both stroke their lips and girls will rub their upper arms, thighs, hips and waists. Secondly, we touch ourselves to tease the other. Thirdly, when sexually excited, blood is rushing around engorging extremities, making everything supersensitive. Touching ourselves then feels good.

8: Symbolically stripping. Publicly undressing without realizing it, is mother nature’s way of getting us naked with someone we share sexual chemistry with. Undoing buttons, loosening ties, removing jackets and pushing up sleeves are all strong sexual body language gestures.

9: The Touch Test. Unsure where the date is going? Try the touch test. Touch their hand, arm or shoulder. Unless they are shy, they should return the touch within 10 minutes if they like you. On a good first date , there should be three sets of touching for three seconds each time.

10: Stroking the wineglass. The date is a winner if she is stroking her glass up and down. Likewise, if he is rubbing the rim of his glass in a circular motion with his fingers. If she is also making direct eye contact and playing with her straw she is definitely flirting. However, wine glasses held at chest height or higher are a sign that there will not be a second date. Similarly, if your date wraps both their hands around their glass.
The wineglass test. This is a great subconscious body language test to gauge that first date. Start playing with an object from your side of the table eg: wineglass, spoon etc. Lean forward just slightly and subtly move it just onto your date’s side of the table. Remove your hands, lean back and keep talking. If your date absentmindedly pushes it back to you they are not interested. If they leave it where it is, or hold it, you are in luck. To take it further, push another object their way and leave your arms on the table. The keen date will now lean forward as well and push something from their side of the table over to you.

11: Touching. Unsure where the date is going? Try the touch test. Touch their hand, arm or shoulder. Unless they are shy, they should return the touch within 10 minutes if they like you. On a good first date , there should be three sets of touching for three seconds each time.

12: The kiss. All these are strong signals that your date is receptive to a kiss: touching their mouth, licking their lips, putting their head close to yours, eating and drinking seductively, and tilting their head while looking at you. Start the kiss with a soft light brush against their lips. If they pull back, clench their lips or slap your face, you should stop! If they lean in, part their lips or touch the back of your neck they are happy to continue.

Don’t misread the signals! Flirt up a storm! Have your date wanting more! Transform yourself into a sexual siren!

Have fun, Coco Swan.