How to Pick up Women Using Alpha Male Behavior

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Dude, do you want to be the guy at the bar with all the hot chicks hanging off him? Who doesn’t? Do you want to have your Pick up Women? Who doesn’t? Do you even know the term for that lucky guy? (Apart from lucky.) Well, that babe magnet is actually an alpha male. Huh? Dude, alpha men are the guys in society who are perceived by women as the natural leaders. Subconsciously all women are seeking alpha males to breed with.

Learn how to attract women by displaying the alpha male characteristics. With these little secrets you can have arm candy and a hot bed whenever you want! The definition of an alpha male is to be a confident natural leader who has the sexual dominance in society. Alter your body language and you will be attracting women like bees to honey.

Becoming an alpha male is easy when you know how. Approaching women will no longer be a nerve wracking experience. Alpha male traits can be simple to adopt when you know how. Alpha male men know how to get women and you will too. Adapt the alpha male body language and transform your dating life.

Are you ready for the rush of hot babes headed your way? Be warned, your sex life will never be the same! Here’s how to be an alpha male:

Be a Natural Leader.

The alpha male by definition is a natural leader. Do you take charge in any situation, or wait for someone else? The alpha male assumes he is the leader, or one of the leaders, and behaves appropriately. Start making decisions in group activities. Don’t wait for someone else to tell you what to do. Don’t forget, the hot babes are subconsciously seeking society’s leaders.

Display Male Characteristics.

Alpha men are “real men”. Forget that sensitive new age man crap. Alpha males are not scared of hot babes. Don’t forget you will no longer be desperate. There are plenty more single gals out there for you to choose from.

Alpha male men do not cry. Becoming an alpha male means you can acknowledge your emotions, but control them, don’t necessarily display them or let them control you.

An alpha male trait is to know what you want and to go for it. Don’t be dithering around. However, don’t rush in ill advised either as you’ll see in this funny Alpha male advertisement from Bud.

A Cocky Sense Of Humor.

An important alpha male characteristic is to be confident enough to display your own sense of humor. Alpha men do not just aspire to fly under the radar without being noticed. Neither do they worry too much about being PC and hurting people’s feelings. Alpha men have enough self confidence to display their own individuality and uniqueness. Be warned, there is a fine line between unique and offensive. If you are still not attracting the babes you may have strayed into offensive territory.

Alpha Male Body Language.

Does the babe magnet fling his arms around like a drowning man? No, and neither should you. It is not very alpha like to flail around like a fish out of water. The alpha male has slow confident movements and so should you. Alpha males move through the bar like a male with his harem. He knows that all the women are there for his choosing. Why wouldn’t he look and feel confident? It is this subconscious display that allows you to pick up women.


Confidence is the vital element in attracting women. Self confidence is a crucial alpha male attribute. Until you believe in yourself, no one else will either, including the hot babes. Do not doubt yourself. Do not pepper your conversations with “I can’t”, “I don’t think I can” or any other self esteem lowering phrase. You have to learn to believe in yourself. A true alpha male has no problems believing in himself. It is this self confidence that will have the girls approaching you.

Don’t be fearful of rejection any more. Have the good looking girls chasing you! Become an alpha male. Pick up women easily. Become a babe magnet. If you are serious about finding, attracting and keeping a girl, visit this link, watch the video and see why these free tips are a pretty good place to start.

Don’t skip it whatever you do – at least read the intro page. You’ll regret it otherwise. It gives you even more details than you can poke a stick at on how to get women and build your self esteem. Build on these secrets you have learned today and become the alpha male. The dude at the party with all the arm candy and the warm bed can be you.

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