7 Signs that You Are Not Dating the Right Person


How do you know that you are not dating the write person? Do you know the telltale signs that can indicate you are not made for each other? If you hear that nagging voice inside you telling you your relationship simply wouldn't work, then it's probably time to take a closer look at the situation. For all you know, it may be telling you that you need to get out of the relationship for your own good.

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8 Tips to Keep Your Relationship Alive


Do you know how you can keep your relationship going strong even as years pass by? Do you have an idea how you can survive the tough times that will surely put your relationship to the test? Needless to say, starting a relationship can be quite easy but keeping the relationship alive can be quite a challenge.

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Dating Your Friend’s Ex? Learn How To Handle It Properly


If you have decided to take your life in your hands, and break one of the major girl codes set up among the fairer sex to make sure we always are able to get a leg up on any guys during possible times of competition, then there are a few rules you will need to follow in order to make it through, relatively unscathed. First off, know that you are breaking the rule that states, “hands off my man even if I’m no longer dating him.” Now, since you are aware of the rule you are breaking, you now need to take the following rules under advisement.

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6 Intelligent Ways in Dealing with your Ex.


So, you are divorced or perhaps separated but that does not really mean you will never ever see your ex again. There might be circumstances which cause you to cross paths – you may study in the same college, you live in the same locality or stay in the same office. Other certain occasions may be mortgage payments, child visitation rights and many others. Crossing paths may be a problem for the both of you. It may be that you or your ex is still angry, hurt and cannot accept the divorce or separation.

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Dealing With Relationship Problems


It is not always an easy decision to get involved with someone and to go into a relationship. There will always be a lot of problems that will challenge both partners and the relationship itself. In the real world, it is not as simple as finding your princess or prince charming and living happily ever after. How a couple hurdles every challenge they face may strengthen or weaken their relationship. Moreover, every couple needs to fix whatever relationship problems they encounter the best way they could. Here are some tips on how to fix relationship problems:

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The Etiquette Of Modern Dating


The norms and etiquette in dating have evolved through the years. As compared to previous centuries, dating in the twenty-first century is much more relaxed and less structured. Dating etiquette has changed and some practices which were considered taboo then are now accepted or tolerated. For example, men were expected to pay for all expenses in dating especially meals in olden times but going Dutch is now common and more acceptable.

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The Secrets To Making Your May-December Love Affair Work


May-December love affairs are not that uncommon nowadays but people involved in it, more often than not, find it hard to have their family and friends accept and respect such relationship. Some family members or friends would even try to break off the relationship but the important thing is you and your partner remains strong.

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How to deal with Dating Violence


Provides helpful information on physical abuse, dating violence and getting help. Dating violence is physically, emotionally, or sexually abusive behavior in a dating relationship. It happens in both gay and straight relationships, and is often characterized by aggressive and controlling behavior towards a partner.

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