Dating Your Friend’s Ex? Learn How To Handle It Properly

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If you have decided to take your life in your hands, and break one of the major girl codes set up among the fairer sex to make sure we always are able Learn How To Handle It Properly Learn How To Handle It Properly to get a leg up on any guys during possible times of competition, then there are a few rules you will need to follow in order to make it through, relatively unscathed.  First off, know that you are breaking the rule that states, “hands off my man even if I’m no longer dating him.”  Now, since you are aware of the rule you are breaking, you now need to take the following rules under advisement.

1) Honestly Tell Yourself What The Attraction Really Is

When deciding to date a friend’s ex-boyfriend, just remember that it can be as dangerous as a bomb that can implode your entire social circle.  Your friendship will never be the same again, if indeed it does survive at all.  Ask yourself if it just the excitement of forbidden fruit, or is there actually an authentic love connection that you can see possible working out?  Remember, there has to be something more there than just drama, because that excitement will fade with time.

2) What Are His Motives?

Make sure you both are on the same page regarding motives.  Fantastic sex is great, but it is not a good enough reason to ruin a friendship over, particularly since that, too, will eventually fade over time.  Also, timing is a consideration.  Did he and your friend just break up, or did they date several years ago and you just recently got reacquainted when you saw each other while taking the same tai chi class at the crack of dawn.   Your intuition is right.  If it’s only been a few weeks they’ve been broken up, then he’s probably trying to date you only to prove to her that he’s moved on.  If it has been years since they dated, then it probably is the real deal between you and him, and less likely to do too much damage to the friendship between you and your girl.

3) Take It Slow!

Let your conscience be your guide, and take it more slowly with Mr. Ex than you would with any other guy.  Of course, temptation is always there, but instead of jumping right into bed with him, do more public things, daytime activities, and lunches.  They are safer and offer less opportunity to let yourself give in to a weak moment. Going slow with the relationship gives you ample opportunity to realize whether or not it’s the real thing.  If it’s not, you have time to develop a good exit strategy and no real harm has been done to you, or to the friendship between you and your girlfriend, his ex.  A few coffee and lunch dates are easily explained away, and no one has to be any the wiser.

4) Confess To Your Friend As Soon As Possible

If you think it is something serious with this guy, then your friend needs to know almost as soon as you do.  Keep it short, simple and honest.  There is no need to embellish the activities you two have been enjoying together.  Just tell her you are sorry, you have been seeing Mr. Ex and you think you really like him, and you don’t want to hurt her feelings, but you don’t want to hide this from her either.  Point blank.  Straightforward.  Done.

I hope you at least learned one tips from this,

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