6 Intelligent Ways in Dealing with your Ex.


So, you are divorced or perhaps separated but that does not really mean you will never ever see your ex again. There might be circumstances which cause you to cross paths – you may study in the same college, you live in the same locality or stay in the same office. Other certain occasions may be mortgage payments, child visitation rights and many others. Crossing paths may be a problem for the both of you. It may be that you or your ex is still angry, hurt and cannot accept the divorce or separation.

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Divorce Dating


Tips on dating after divorce or what is now often called divorce dating. Joanne and Mike were our neighborhood's high school sweethearts. They married right out of school and had their first baby less than a year later; we were all amazed when they showed up at the 20th high school reunion still holding hands and sneaking kisses on the dance floor. We were even more shocked when Joanne suddenly filed for divorce after 23 years.

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