Christian Dating Essentials for Wholesome Folks


Devoted Christians cannot subscribe to misdemeanor in public and so the need for decency during meeting up with a date is a social grace. Since we give tips and advice to people of all race and religion, we cannot miss this chance of sending out love notes to our Christian friends out there. Part of the Christian doctrine is the love and respect we give to God and to his people, and this goes down to respecting the people we meet and wishing them well, and not viewing them as objects of sexual obsession.

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Seven Tips for Using a Christian Dating Website


If you do a quick Google search for Christian dating, you will get over 27 million results. A bit confusing, to say the least! When you start to really look into some of these supposed “Christian dating sites” you will find out that many of them are anything but what they purport to be. So how can you protect yourself, and find other like minded Christian singles?

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Christian Dating Hurdles


Are you having problems finding other single people who have similar religious beliefs as yourself? Do you feel as if you are drowning in a single world full of nonbelievers with questionable morals? Are you tired of having to defend your views to all your dates? Well, maybe it's time you thought about Christian dating sites.

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