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Devoted Christians cannot subscribe to misdemeanor in public and so the need for decency during meeting up with a Christian Dating is a social grace. Since we give tips and advice to people of all race and religion, we cannot miss this chance of sending out love notes to our Christian friends out there. Part of the Christian doctrine is the love and respect we give to God and to his people, and this goes down to respecting the people we meet and wishing them well, and not viewing them as objects of sexual obsession.

Conservative dating does not have to be boring and dull. In fact, this can be the first step to a beautiful relationship without regrets. People only need to go back to what was standard and basic, and this includes choosing a decent place and putting on some decent clothes. No need for lavishness and voluptuousness and too much vanity. You are to go out there to meet someone who could become your friend or lover whether they are someone you met personally or on Christian dating sites.

Basic things to do

Put on a nice dress – This might not be the time for jeans and sneakers, so find some appropriate outfits in the closet. Dresses for such occasions need not be too revealing or too conservative. At least, some skin isn’t bad. What’s most important is you are comfortable with what you’re wearing, and be confident. You can’t be out there and checking your tie or your sleeves every now and then.

Fix your hair – The crowning glory should be well set because you can throw a neat or a grumpy look with your hair. For men and women, there are different ways to get the hair fixed, and if you can afford a stylist, have some of their services. But you need not spend much if you’re a little out of time and budget. Getting your hair done for your date is a good effort on your part.

Smell good – You don’t have to bathe in perfume oil but have an effort to smell fresh. Take a bath, brush your mouth, apply some deodorant, and wear a nice scent. You don’t need to splash an expensive eau de parfum but some good fragrance can be inviting. Body odor is a major turn-off on your first date.

Check out that car – This is for those who have one. As much as you need to check you’re well groomed, make sure your auto doesn’t look like it’s encountered a sandstorm on the road. It adds to a good impression of you.

There are also a few things to take into consideration when you are already at the venue with your date.

What decorous men and women should exude:

1. Good posture – It says a lot about you. It could be a sign of optimum health, etiquette, self-esteem, or respect. Slouching gives you an impression that you are shy, bored or indecorous. So it’s necessary that you check your posture at home before sitting in front of your date.

2. Proper mannerism and body language – How you walk to the table and take your seat also has something to say about your personality. Men should offer the seat to the ladies and they better let their ladies take their seats before they do.

3. Eye contact – Your focus should be on the person on the other side of the table—not the one at the other table.

Christian dating may seem too decorous and austere, but frankly it does not have to go quite far from any typical date of well-mannered individuals. You need to be a little frivolous at times but this isn’t the time for sexual overtones.

I hope these tips help you.

Billy Baker

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