Single Parents: No More Wandering Eyes

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When you are Single Parents, you are carefree.  Most of the time, you are out during the night, looking for the next person to consider as your lifetime partner.  However, if you are single but taking care of your own child or children, then things will really be a little different.  Even though you can still go out and flirt all you want, at the end of the day, you are still the one responsible to take care of your child or children.

To cushion things a bit, it is always better to accept your situation.  There is no point in denying it or even hiding your child from the public.  Instead of treating your child as your ‘extra baggage,’ treat him or her as your best asset.  Show the child to the world! Let everyone know that you are a father or a mother and that you are proud of it.  After all, when everyone else may leave you, your child or children will always be there by your side. So, it is best that this early, you learn to embrace it.

When it comes to dating, the rules of attraction still apply and work for you.  Even if you are already a parent, don’t forget yourself, especially if you are still entertaining the notion that someday you will get married. Here are some tips to help you find the right one:

1. Like all singles, look your best!

Just because you now have someone to take care of does not really mean you should also look like some old parent, all-stressed out, trying to make ends meet.  Be sure to have time for yourself.  If you are a guy, be sure to exercise and keep fit. If you’re a woman, try getting some exercise too.  Be sure to have a healthy diet. Remember, you are trying to attract someone, so don’t let yourself go.

2. Try to make yourself emotionally ready.

We understand that the break up between you and your child’s other parent may at times be a painful event. Saying goodbye to someone and severing ties is never easy.  So, if you feel that you are still not ready to move on to another relationship or even just to face your future, don’t attempt to do so, yet.  Try reflecting and understanding what went wrong. When you finally meet that right person, you will be armed with the right lessons.

3. When you go out on your first few dates, avoid, if you can, to talk about your past lovers.

Dating is about two people getting to know each other better.  Your past relationships may be part of what made you who you are; they are still part of your past. But if, after several dates, you feel very comfortable with your partner, then you may start talking about them but at least put some limits to it.  Through experience, we have come to know that emotions are really fragile so when talking about a painful past, this could stir your feelings up and create problems.

We all acknowledge the role of self confidence in socializing and in maintaining healthy relationships.  Remember, if you do not feel good about yourself, you will really find it very hard to trust and to be trusted in return.  Even if you are just into dating sites, you following these tips will still help you.  After all, your assessment about yourself affects the things you do and the things that you say.  Check out these sites {insert affiliate links} and try to get more information about dating as a single parent. Have fun in finding your right match!

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