Seven Tips for Using a Christian Dating Website

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Confusing, to say the least!  When you start to really look into some of these supposed “Christian dating website”  you will find out that many of them are anything but what they purport to be.  So how can you protect yourself, and find other like minded Christian singles?

Here are some quick tips that will help you use Christian dating websites and maintain your goal of finding some good Christian singles to get to know:

1. Be very careful which Christian dating sites you sign up with.   There are a number of websites out there which claim they are Christian dating websites, but part of the sign up procedure just won’t seem right to you.  For instance, there is one such site which asks “How serious is your relationship with God” and one of the available answers is “I don’t believe in God”. This same site will allow you to sign up as a woman seeking a man, a woman seeking a woman, or a man or woman seeking both. That sounds more like a swinger’s dating website than one for Christian singles.  Do a little research and read the reviews of the sites before deciding which of the Christian dating services is right for you.

2. Your safety comes first. Until you are comfortable with the other person, do not reveal enough information about yourself for them to be able to track you down. Establish some semblance of trust by exchanging emails and finding out a little about each other first.  Use an anonymous email without your real name included for initial contacts with new Christian singles.

3. Have a Christian attitude about contacts.  Be courteous and respectful to each person who contacts you. If you aren’t interested, send them back an email telling them you don’t believe you are a good match and thank them for writing you.

4. Pictures of me, pictures of you. It should go without saying that posting overly “sexy” pictures is a no-no on a Christian dating site.  Also, those types of photos will probably get you attention, but not the type you’re looking for.  They can often leave a bad impression and attract guys (even on Christian dating websites) that only want a physical relationship.  The best pictures of you are clear head shots that show a smiling and happy person. (Please, ladies, cool it with the Glamour Shots- is that really you?)

5. Slow down, don’t move too fast. Ladies, if a guy really pushes the issue of a meeting before you are ready, run!  As a Christian single, he should understand and respect you enough to wait until you are comfortable.   Guys, be patient.  Remember to honor and respect your Christian sisters.

6. Who will make the first move? It may seem a tad old-fashioned, but is there really anything wrong with that?  Traditionally, the men pursued the women, and it should work that way with Christian dating as well. Ladies, do not initiate contact, but rather let the men do that. They will respect you much more for it.

7. No Sex! True Christian singles understand the need for abstinence until marriage. Showing respect for the other person includes understanding their need for sexual purity.  Many advocates of Christian dating advise against even kissing, as it causes stimulation and leads to temptations of the flesh.   Set clear boundaries in your relationship that you will not cross. Do not spend time completely alone. Spend your time together in public places, or in the company of others.   If you feel enough about this person to want to have sex with them, surely you are thinking of marriage.  Imagine your wedding night and how special it’ll be if you’ve waited till then to explore each other! Here’s where you can enjoy some some reliable Christian dating websites.

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