7 Tips on How to Be a Better Girlfriend

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Do you want to learn the tricks on how to be a better girlfriend? Do you want to know the secret way to a man’s heart? Do you know what you should and should not do to make your man fall head over heels in love with you? There’s no doubt you want to know the answers to these questions so let’s get the ball rolling!

If you want to be the best girlfriend your man has ever had, here are some suggestions you may want to consider:

Learn how to hang out with the guys. Yes, your boyfriend would love having you with him even when his male friends are around. Spending an afternoon watching his favorite sports with his friends can give him and his pals the impression that you are just way too cool – and he’ll love you more for that because he will see that you want to be a better girlfriend. However, make sure you don’t cross the line by acting as one of his buddies. That will be a definite turn-off, I tell you.

Have a good sense of humor. Men appreciate girls who not only laugh at their jokes but feel comfortable relating funny anecdotes about themselves. Experts say that in a way, sense of humor serves as a mental matchmaker and an indication of intellectual compatibility between two people.

Give him gifts that he can appreciate. If you want to score some major points in your man’s heart, why don’t you consider giving him some tickets to see his favorite band or team? He will surely appreciate you for being that thoughtful. However, do not fall into the trap of giving him gifts that his mother used to give him. You surely wouldn’t want him to see you as just another mother figure, would you?

Send him short, provocative text messages. Well, that is only if you want to keep him interested and intrigued. If you want him to ignore your messages or if you want to turn him off altogether, start sending really long text messages.

Display your affections in an appropriate manner. If you want to show your affection for your man in public, giving him a quick peck on the cheek, holding on to his arms while walking or touching his thigh lightly while you are in the car with him may be enough. In fact, research shows that most men appreciate women who are bold enough to show their affection in public. However, don’t get all over him or he may think of ending the relationship for good.

Give his parents appropriate gifts when you come out to visit. So, what do you think you’ll bring when your guy finally invited you to come visit his parents? Will you go for something pricey so that you can impress them? Hey, don’t ever think of doing it! After all, there is a great chance that your guy’s parents wouldn’t appreciate over-the-top gifts. So, bring some home baked goodies instead. Your boyfriend’s mom will surely be thrilled to know that you know your way around the kitchen. That’s another ace up your sleeve!

Choose vacation destinations that will strengthen your bond. Nothing strengthens your bond better than going on an adventure-based vacation so why not give it a try? Go surfing, snorkelling or snowboarding. Your guy will appreciate the effort you wanting to be a better girlfriend.

Support your man, especially at times when he needs you the most. You can show your man how much you really care by being there for him when he feels down and out. Make him feel secure by letting him know that you are there for him, no matter what happens. Do this and your man will definitely want to spend more time with you. Just don’t overdo it or he may feel smothered by your affections. Believe me, that is the last thing you’ll want to do.

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While there are a lot of other things that can make you be a better girlfriend, following these tips can definitely improve the quality of your relationship so why not give these a try? You and your guy will appreciate the results.

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