Second Date: How to Tell If There is Going to be One

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Did you know that you can gauge the possibility of getting a second date before your first date is over? So, while you cannot accurately predict the outcome of your first date, there are several signs that may indicate the possibility that your date will ask you out on a second date. Are you ready to learn more about these telltale signs? Well, let’s start unveiling them one at a time, shall we?

Signs that a Second Date is in the Offing

You have a better chance of getting on a second date if you notice the following signs:

For the Girls:
He can’t take his eyes off you. If your date finds you attractive, he may not be able to take his eyes off you, no matter how shy he may be. However, if he doesn’t make enough eye contact, then maybe he’s not just that attracted to you.

He orders for you. You can tell if a guy is interested in you if he promptly orders for you after the waiter served you your drinks. He will even order coffee and dessert after you’ve finished your meal. A guy who doesn’t want to spend more time with you will simply dismiss the waiter by saying that you’ll just be having drinks. When asked if you’ll be having another drink, he’ll say that you’re fine. That’s quite a big difference, don’t you agree?

He smiles a lot. If your date smiles a lot or laughs at your funny remarks, you can be quite sure that he finds you attractive. If he doesn’t, then maybe there is something wrong somewhere. Remember, even shy guys will make an attempt to make a good impression by letting you know that he enjoys spending time with you.

He makes references to doing something you’ll both enjoy. Did your date mention anything about a second date? While he may not ask you directly during your first date, you can tell he’ll ask you out again if he makes references to places, activities and cuisine you’ll both enjoy. Did he just tell you that you’ll try something out the next time you’re together? Well, if he did, you can expect him to ask you out on a second date!

He offers to take you home. If a guy is interested in you, he will want to walk or drive you home. If you don’t let him, he’ll call or text you before the night is over to ask if you had a great time.

For the Guys:
Your date has not bothered to take her cellphone out. You can tell if your date is going great if she doesn’t bother to take her cellphone out while you’re together. It means that she’s probably enjoying spending the time with you. Hey, congratulations! You’re off to a great start!

She tries to look good. If your date lets down her hair or reapplies her makeup, you can tell that she finds you quite attractive and wants to look good for you. This is actually a good sign, can’t you tell?

She casually touches you. You can tell if your date finds you attractive if she casually touches your arm, holds your hand or brushes your leg as you speak. She may even let you kiss her.

She doesn’t make any excuses for ending the date abruptly. Didn’t she say anything about having something to do that night or getting up early for work the next day? If she didn’t, that’s a clear indication that she enjoyed the night. Do you think she will she say ‘yes’ when asked to go out on a second date? Well, she just might!

So, while there is no exact science that can help you predict the outcome of your first date and whether or not a second date lies on the horizon, these signs can help you gauge whether or not such a possibility exists. Good luck on your first date – you’ll definitely need it!

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