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Ever wondered what makes guys propose to that girl and not you? Are you under the impression all guys just want to marry supermodels? Or Baywatch look-a-likes? Do you have to be Betty Crocker in the kitchen? Not necessarily. These days, guys now see themselves as more realistic and mature. Read on to see if you have the real characteristics to be his Mrs. Right.

No Divas. Permanent diva like antics will not work. Guys feel threatened by too much princess behaviour. All girls deserve to be treated well and with respect. Most guys need to be reminded once in a while and definitely need to be pulled into line when they turn into cave man. Save the prima donna stuff for when you really need it.

You’re the Boss. All smart men figure sooner or later that their lives will be much easier if they leave you in charge. The trick here is to not let the power go to your head. He does not want to be treated like a 5 year old or a puppy dog. Take charge in a sensible and respectful manner. Show him you can take charge without making his life a misery and you will be well on the way to matrimony.

Support his Career. A professional man’s whole identity is tied up in his career and success thereof. A guy’s career is the first thing in his mind until he is well established in his chosen field of work. He is thinking about his career more than he is thinking about you and your relationship. You need to be able to support him with his career until he reaches a stage where he feels more confident with where he is at in his profession. If you are not happy to wait for this to happen, you should actively only date guys who are already established in their career path.

You can be Spontaneous. Guys like girls who can go with the flow at a moment’s notice. Guys like girls who are happy to drink with them or go camping on the spur of the moment. If your guy comes home on Friday excited about some unplanned weekend trip away, you will not be doing yourself any favours if you tell him that it wasn’t in your Blackberry for the last 6 months and so therefore you will not be accompanying him, even though you have nothing else really important on. Obviously, guys also really like spontaneous sex.

You know him better than he does. Guys feel comfortable with girls who know more about them than they do. You know all about his school mates, his tattoos, his ex-girlfriends, his hot spots, and his favourite meal. Guys see this as looking out for them and love this sort of nurturing. To them, this is proof that you really love him.

Great Sex. Guys really want a girl who loves sex as much as him. Guys need to feel comfortable with their chosen life partner’s sexual ability because they see their potential wife as the stop to all other sexual encounters. Your guy needs to feel that he can live with just you on a sexual basis for the rest of his life. Keep the sex exciting and unpredictable.

You can handle his mates and his family. What guys really want is for their girlfriend to be able to get on with their mates. Being able to read his mates is a worthy trait for Mrs. Right-to-be. It is not essential to be really close to his family, but you will need to be able to get along and manage them well. Tact and diplomacy are great attributes here.

You are respectful of his money. By encouraging your guy to nurture and save his money, you are showing him that you will be a great life partner. Sure, it’s great for him to spend money on you, but you also want him to see that he doesn’t need to spend all his cash on you. Your guy’s respect for you will increase enormously when he sees that you have some regard for his hard earned cash.

Random acts of kindness. Guys are on the lookout for girls who are potentially too selfish. Girls perceived as being too self absorbed will never make it to wife material. Make sure that every once in a while you do something thoughtful just for him.

Good mother potential. Whether your guy says having children is on his agenda or not, most guys still won’t contemplate marrying a girl who looks like she would be a terrible mother. Look around you, do the guys who make disparaging remarks about some girls potential as a mother every marry those girls? No, is the answer to that.

In this day and age, most guys are looking for life partners on an equal footing. Most guys are sensible enough to know that they are not in the leagues of super-models and the like. By following this dating advice, you are absolutely increasing your chances of having your guy become your husband. Start checking out those diamonds now! If you’re ready to take action and learn all you can about finding, attracting and keeping a man, I think this is an excellent source of free dating tips and guides for women.

Good Luck, Coco Swan

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