How to Get A Man To Marry You: Is He Thinking About The Rock?

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Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. You can get a man to marry you, but is your man the marrying kind? How long have you already waited? Is marriage even in your boyfriend’s game plans right now? Perhaps your boyfriend falls into one of the two categories below. Read on to see what your chances are of scoring the rock and the frock any time soon.

* Bitter and Twisted

This man says he is still recovering from his previous heartbreak How many years does it take to heal? How many more years are you prepared to wait? This guy may well be just making excuses, or he may be violently opposed to the thought of settling down and committing to you or anyone. You need to discuss your feelings and see what he says.

Here are some things not to do! It’s funny too…

* Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Unless you are the boss’s daughter, you may be waiting a while for a proposal from this guy. The only proposal your boyfriend is thinking about right now is the next one to land him a promotion. Marriage and all that is probably in this guy’s plan at some point, it just depends on where he is right now and how long you are happy to wait. If this fella is not near the top of his professional ladder, a marriage ultimatum will probably result in him leaving you. His primary focus at the moment is succeeding in his career. Once he achieves those goals then he will be looking at his personal happiness. How much have you invested already? You may not have to wait that much longer. Best to discuss his goals with him and see where you fit in.

It can be simpler to get a man to marry you when you can figure out his life plans and his big picture. Does it include you eventually? If your boyfriend has not been described here, you may well find him after reading the complimentary articles and free report at how to get a man for further rock and frock strategies.

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