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Do you find yourself always dating inappropriate men? Can’t understand why your boyfriends never commit? Read this article to learn to recognize the 10 types of men you should never date if you are looking for a long term commitment.

1. He is married. He is already married to someone else, so he is not going to be able to marry you in the short term, is he? Beware of the married man who tells you his wife doesn’t understand him, or that he is just about to leave, or he is waiting for the children to be old enough, or for the finances to improve. He will always have an excuse not to leave. You will always be his illicit sexy secret. This man has it all, an exciting romance with you and the stability of a wife and home life that will never include you. Unless he is living in separate accommodation and a legal, formal divorce is under way, you should walk away.

2. The Perpetual Critic. Nothing is ever quite good enough for this fellow. You will be expending all your energy on attempting to make everything perfect for him and it still will not be up to par. You will never be thin enough or smart enough for this Mr I’m Perfect. Save your energy for someone more appreciative. The longer you stay with this guy the less self esteem you will have in the end.

3. The Underachiever. This guy is the total loser with no car, no job, no prospects and no money. You drive him everywhere and pay for everything. The only thing you can ever receive back from this dud guy is sex. He is just looking for someone to look after him for ever. Leave before he has totally depleted your bank account.

4. He is Better Looking than you. Any guy who spends more money and time on beauty products than yourself should be avoided. This gorgeous Adonis will eventually be revealed as shallow and vain. He is never going to love anyone more than himself.

5. He is Just Not into You. This guy is just not very interested in you. He is not affectionate. He doesn’t want to spend romantic time with you. He is hopeless at returning your calls. You feel like you are doing all the chasing, organising and work in the relationship. If you really are doing more than your fair share then you should dump this guy. He will never become more engaged with you than his current level of half hearted disinterest.

6. Damaged Goods. This guy is still recovering from getting his heart broken some time past. He is still dining out on his sad sob story. This emotionally challenged male will never allow himself to get close to anyone ever again, including you.

7. Mr Indecisive. This guy is always thinking about career changes, moving away, selling up, even when he is supposed to be with you. This guy is always waiting for something better to come along. He still hasn’t even decided if he wants to be with you. Ultimately, this fellow is greedy and wants it all. Every moment he spends with you he is worrying that he is missing out on something better. Leave him before he leaves you for a better version of yourself.

8. He has his Eyes on the Big Prize. This guy is never going to share the spotlight when he finally arrives. You will never be first on his list of priorities and your needs will never be as important as his. You will be expected to deal with the dreary details for him so that he can chase after his goal. At the end of the day, he will never have any energy or time left over for you.

9. Mr Excess Baggage. This guy has multiple ex-partners, children to all of them, and huge maintenance pay outs. His more difficult children live with him. This guy needs a live in nanny and this is what you will end up being if you do not leave ASAP. Leave quickly before your money is going to his former wives as well. This guy can not afford any more weddings or children.

10. The Sports Fanatic. This guy is obsessed with sport and spends his whole weekend watching the sports channel. No sports highlights for this guy! Unless you want to spend your weekends feeding him and all his mates in front of the television leave now. He will never love you as much as his remote control, beer and sport.

If you’re ready to take action and learn all you can about finding, attracting and keeping a man, check this excellent source of free tips on getting a man. There are much better prospective husbands out there. Leave the duds for some one else and get out there and snag yourself a proper boyfriend. You can do it!

Go girl,

Billy Baker.


  • sude

    What is left 🙁 Who are we suppose to date then? All the guys that I know can easily be put under either one of definitions.

  • lavanya aswanther

    ofcourse no guys are good ….now in this present world i suppose…..

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