Ten Tips on How to Get a Guy

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How to get a guy1. To Get a Guy Show the Guy That You Are Vulnerable

Men need to feel needed, yes it may be from the dinosaurs era but it does still apply when you want to get a guy. I do not mean that you have to be weak. or give in to whatever he wants, and put up with any way he treats you I am not suggesting that. Many men like strong women, but strong women who put out that they do not need a guy often end up alone. It is fine to be strong but try and temper it with “ok here is a situation where I can be vulnerable”. Men have a strong protective instinct, though they may rarely show it.

2. Let The Guy Think That He Is Doing The Hunting

Men love the thrill of the chase, it is in their genetic makeup, it is definitely a male thing. Play a little secretive and hard to get, and men will flock like bees to honey and makes it easier to get a guy. That means having a sense of your own worth, men hate women who are clingy. They are not props, they hate boosting a women’s ego all the time.

In fact men want a real balanced person. Make him feel he wants to make the first move and do the chasing. Women learn to manipulate men at a very early age. By the age of five most girls have learnt how to wrap their father around there little finger.

3. “Let The Guy Think That He Is Mr Right Rather Than Mr Right Now!”

Stroke their egos, they are not a ticket to go out and pay all the time, let them know that you really value them as a person.

4. To get a Guy It Helps to Laugh At His Jokes

This is imperative that a man feels he is funny and witty and is an extension of three, they are valued for their sense of humour. Where would we be in life without laughter.

5. Never Call Him After The First During The Next Week

If a guy is interested in seeing you again, trust me he will call you in the first week. He will do this even if he says he has to go out of town. If you call him, you come across as over-anxious. You appear desperate, and are more likely to scare the guy off. It is OK to ask him out the first time but not the second.

6. If You Are Dating Online Get A Professional Photo Taken At A Studio

When dating online you have to market yourself to be successful. A professional photographer will know how to get the best shots out of you and make you look your very best.

7. Don’t Go Out With Your Girlfriends In Large Groups

Some men feel that approaching a women in a large group is intimidating. Go out in smaller groups, and make it easier for an interested guy to approach you.

8. Approach Him

Be confident enough to approach him and ask him if he wants to go for a coffee. If you’re not sure whether he is gay or not, then approach him anyway.

If he gives you the brush-off then you have lost nothing, but you can pat yourself on the back for taking the initiative, most men will be flattered by this. You will still get a guy!

9. You Like Him But He Is Ignoring You

Guys are insecure, and they want to feel liked, and popular. Start ignoring him for a while, not rudely, you don’t have to make an issue out of it. Just look right through him, and he will start to be piqued. There is no guarantee here he may not take it any further, it may just boost his confidence, but you have not lost anything

10. Don’t Appear To Be Desperate

Desperation is a real turn off for men. It is an indicator that a woman is going to start to get clingy, and that is not good. Appear yourself and show a friendly interest.

Here’s a link we found for more free dating tips and even a guide to download on how to get a guy. You’ll have to register but it’s well worth it.


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