Yes! At Last Finally Getting Married Or Are His 1st Thoughts About His Career?

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Been together ages and he is still not committing? Tired of waiting while he climbs the corporate ladder? Is his career preventing you from getting married? Ever thought your guy’s work was more important to him than you? Billy Baker studies the various stages of a guy’s Career Preventing to assist you in determining just how far off that marriage proposal may be.

A professional man’s career has top priority in his life. A man’s identity is wholly tied up in his career. How successful he has been at his chosen profession impacts on his own sense of worth and his standing in society. His job is more important to him than you, your relationship, and your career. However, all is not lost. Once your guy becomes established in his chosen career, he will then be ready to settle down. How far off is that? Read on, and see if you can place your guy’s position on his career path.

Not getting married yet?

At this point in his life, your guy is really struggling to become established in his chosen profession. He is undoubtedly working very long hours in a bid to impress his superiors. At this stage in his career, a guy may be unsure about his future and getting married and doubting his competence to make it. While a guy is at this point, he is not looking for a long term relationship.

If Mrs. Right comes along at this stage, a commitment is a possibility, but she will have to have a lot of patience and confidence. At this juncture a guy needs a girl who will listen to him befor asking about getting married. Comfort him; give him enough space to confront his fears, and who will provide lots of positive encouragement. He will appreciate you taking an interest in his career path. Try to organize distractions from his work every once in a while to keep up the fun.

If you have the time to nurture your guy through this, you will have his eternal gratitude for hanging in there. If you are not the patient type, or are pushed for time, or can hear your biological clock ticking, then this might not be the right guy for you.

Almost there but not quite getting married.

At this point, your guy is seeing this as do or die time. He has moved from the bottom of the career ladder to the middle rungs. Now is his chance to prove his worth in his chosen career. Total focus and dedication are the words of the moment here. All of his future career hopes and dreams are now in the balance as he proves himself to his superiors. As a result of these increased career demands, your guy’s availability to spend with you could diminish rapidly even though he would like to be getting married.

Indeed, at this point some professional men choose to stop dating so that they can concentrate entirely on their careers. Try not to lose faith, if he says he is busy at work, he really is.

You will need to be able to give him the space he needs to concentrate on the task at hand. Unless he finishes the relationship, you will just have to ensure that the time you share with him is precious quality time.

Now is not the time to be nagging him about getting married or to spend more time with you or bringing up relationship issues. If you start to pressure him too much he is probably going to terminate the relationship. He is highly unlikely to marry you while he is in this stage. Hang in there.

Made it – Finally getting married!

He is probably now earning a significant income. Your guy is now feeling comfortable with his career and extremely confident. He now feels he can focus on a long term relationship. He could already be contemplating matrimony and happy families before he has even met Mrs. Right.

At this point, if a guy should meet a girl who is clearly marriage material, he may be happy to move things along quite speedily. He now has the time and the money to spend on someone special. He will be on the lookout for gold diggers who are trying to benefit from all of his hard work. He wants a girl who wants him for himself and not for his job title.

This sounds like the perfect man for the girl in a rush. However, be warned, guys hate to feel like they are being faced with ultimatums, and are not keen on girls with specific time frame agendas. If this is you, let the guy move along at his own pace.

Professional men feel a sense of obligation to be able to eventually provide for you and a family. The more your guy loves you, the more successful he wants to be in his career. Providing your guy with the support he needs at the various stages of his career will win you his eternal appreciation, a diamond ring and a marriage proposal…

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