Modern Dating indeed has come a long way. As a social activity and a form of courtship, dating is an essential component for the continuation and stability of any society. The practice of dating and the rules that come with it usually differ from one society or cultural tradition to another.

The norms and etiquette in dating have evolved through the years.  As compared to previous centuries, dating in the twenty-first century is much more relaxed and less structured. Dating etiquette has changed and some practices which were considered taboo then are now accepted or tolerated.  For example, men were expected to pay for all expenses in dating especially meals in olden times but going Dutch is now common and more acceptable.

As opposed to the etiquette in traditional dating, modern dating etiquette is much more open.  Though the male and female expectations of a date differ, many specific customs or actions depend largely on its context.  Nevertheless, the age-old essentials in dating like respect and honesty remain.

If you are in the dating game, here are a few considerations that you would want to bear in mind to guide you through dating in modern times:

Context.  Concerns on dating etiquette depend mostly on its context.  Considerations like how well you know your date, your age and your date’s age, how formal the activity or the date is, and several other factors determine how you should act and behave on your date.  While taking advice and expectations into account, always bear in mind the context on which the dating activity stands and how it affects your date’s expectations at the same time.

Punctuality.  Whether you are a man or a woman, it is never good to keep your date waiting for you.  Always make it a point to be punctual because this will speak volumes about you, your personality, and your values.  Some say that it’s okay to be fashionably late but if you’re at least half an hour late, you will not make a good impression on your date.  In these times when almost everybody has cell phones, contact your date if you know you are going to be late.

Appearance.  When you are on a date, especially on your first date with a particular person, pay attention to your appearance.  Try to look your best without seeming to be trying too hard.  Your choice of outfit should be according to the occasion or place where you are going with your date.  If you are going to dine out in some fancy restaurant, for example, dress appropriately.  If it is just a casual date and you would be walking in a park, dress comfortably.  If you have no idea where your date will take you, ask for a hint so that you can dress appropriately.

Money Matters.  Money issues like questions of payments on dates are always an awkward matter for most people.  In traditional dating, it is the men who always pay but in the modern times, many women find this practice quite condescending.  An important point to remember here is if you were the one who asked for the date, expect to be the one to make the payments.  This is quite tricky though.  You can read your date’s expectations without asking outrightly by being sensitive to your date’s body language, tone of voice, and subtle hints.  If you’re still not sure what to do, better offer to pay because it definitely is better to be perceived as excessively generous than being considered a cheapskate.

To Kiss Or Not To Kiss.  Yes, those awkward doorstep moments can be quite stressful especially if you are just on your first date. For this situation, you need to read your date.  If you feel that there is no spark or chemistry between the two of you, a simple handshake or a brief kiss on the cheeks is okay.  If you are not that attracted to your date and you just agreed to the date for some reason, bring your own transportation, if applicable, so that you can part ways right after the date and avoid this very awkward doorstep moment.

I hope this has been of some help…

Billy Baker

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