When Your Romance With A Co-Worker Fails To Work Out

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Dating or having a romantic relationship or Romance with someone from work has a lot of implications.  Aside from being a frequent topic of the office rumor mill, both you and your partner will have to adjust to some changes that usually arise from being romantically involved.  Some conflicts may arise in the course of your relationship so it is important that you talk it out as mature adults whenever that occurs.  Both partners must work together to make the relationship work out and grow.

Unfortunately, not all romance between co-workers works out and ends in wedded bliss.  If things get complicated when you date or have a romantic relationship with someone from work, it gets more complicated when your romance fails to work out.  You have to deal with many upsetting emotions if you find yourself at the losing end of your office romance.

Things would seem so unbearable if you have to work alongside your ex every workday.  There may be times when you have to work together on a certain task or project and it definitely is not easy to maintain your composure especially when you are still hurting after your failed romance.

Yes, learning to cope after the end of your personal relationship with your co-worker can be very difficult.  However, it is very important that you keep your professionalism in the workplace.  It is very possible to mend your bruised ego or broken heart while maintaining your effectiveness at the office.  To help you through this difficult time, here are some things you may want to consider doing:

Offering A Truce

You can offer a truce to your ex.  Express your desire to maintain your productive professional relationship despite the breaking down of your relationship at the personal level.  To avoid coming across as hurtful, spiteful, or manipulative, approach your ex with pleasant demeanor.  If you are still not in speaking terms with your ex, you can start demonstrating your wishes through kind gestures

Keeping The Details Of The Breakup To Yourself

Your relationship and your breakup are personal matters so you don’t have to broadcast it to the whole office.  Keep the details to yourself as it is of no concern of your other co-workers.  Do not expect them to be sympathetic.  While there will be some co-workers close to you who genuinely care about you, do not forget that there are others who only want to get updated and spread gossips.

Keeping A Professional Demeanor

Commit to keeping a professional demeanor at work at all times.  Don’t give in to the temptation to start arguments or to get baited into them.  It would also be wise to change your break schedule to avoid getting caught in uncomfortable situations with your ex.  Since you will be seeing your ex at work everyday, you would need to deal him at one time or another.  Refrain from crying or bashing your ex at your workplace if you don’t want to appear bitter or irrational.  If you hear some unpleasant remarks, just smile because lashing out at them will only make you look unstable.

Taking Some Time Away From The Workplace

After a failed office romance, you have to gear up for what lies ahead.  Having some time for yourself, away from the workplace, may be beneficial for you.  Of course, there will always be helpful online dating sites. You can unwind, relax, and recharge your energies.  You will also have the time to have some self-introspection and to assess your capability of holding yourself together around your ex.  Being away and having some time for yourself will help make you see things in their proper perspective.

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