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They say that women are from Venus and men are from Mars.  What Women Look For In A Relationship. Men and women have different expectations in a relationship and the failure to communicate these expectations oftentimes leads to misunderstandings that could seriously undermine any relationship.  There are many circumstances where relationships fail because certain expectations in a relationship were not met.

It is not unusual for some men to complain that women are overly sensitive.  On the other hand, it is also not unusual to hear some women complaining that men are utterly insensitive.  Making any relationship work takes effort from both partners and making some compromises and meeting halfway along the way.

Some men find it difficult to understand women in general and what women look for in a relationship.  Knowing and understanding what women want in relationships is a big factor in making a relationship successful.  The following are just some of the things that most women expect in most relationships that they go into:

LOVE.  Of course, women want to feel that they are loved, in all the imaginable forms of expression.  Romantic love is what sets a romantic relationship from all other kinds of relationships.  Love is the main reason why people go into relationships.  A special relationship between two people in love is one of the most beautiful things to behold and experience.

women2A woman who feels she is loved and cherished is one happy woman.  In any relationship, making a woman feel loved is one requisite for the relationship’s success.  If love or the feeling of being loved is lacking, even the most ideal setup or relationship will not prosper.

ROMANCE. Romance is a very crucial element of any successful relationship.  It is what makes a relationship really special.  Sadly, the element of romance is sometimes forgotten in online dating or easily overlooked in long-established relationships where things tend to fall into routine.  Just because you feel so comfortable already with the relationship, it does not mean that you should not make the extra effort to inject romance in a relationship especially in long established relationships.  Women expect romance however long or in whatever stage a relationship is and men should try their best to meet this expectation.

Going on regular dates, making surprise romantic gestures, or going on a spontaneous weekend getaway can help a lot in making the romance alive in a relationship.  Men need not get women expensive things.  A single rose is enough to make many women smile.

COMMITMENT.  It is very rare to meet a woman who is not looking for some kind of commitment in a relationship.  Commitment makes a relationship special and exclusive.  Commitment makes a woman feel secure about her relationship as no woman would want to be taken for a ride nor would appreciate being dumped after a while.

Many men are afraid or wary of commitment and these men will only find their relationships dwindle or fail after some time.  This is because women, in general, want commitment in a relationship.  If you are not yet ready to commit in any relationship, it is better if you stop tinkering with a woman’s heart and emotions.

RESPECT.  Respect is a basic foundation of most kinds of relationships and it an important requisite of love and of a loving relationship.  Men need to show and make women feel that they are respected.  Men should show through their words and deeds that they respect the individuality, opinions, friends, interests, bodies, and minds, among others, of women especially those they are in relationship with.

women3Men need not agree with everything that women say or do in order to show respect.  Rather, men should respect the women’s standpoint and recognize the value of those opinions without imposing on them the male standpoint on an issue at hand.  The golden rule always is a good guide to follow.  So, to men out there, treat women as how you would like to be treated.

HONESTY AND FIDELITY.  Most women always crave for honesty and fidelity from their men.  Honesty in even the smallest and seemingly mundane things is very important for many women.  Women are not being too inquisitive or meddlesome when they ask men about certain things; sometimes, it is their way of looking into and assessing the character of men they are in a relationship with.  If a man cannot be honest in even the small things, how can they be honest about bigger and more important aspects of the relationship?

Fidelity is also one of the most important things that women look for in their men and relationship.  Being committed to an exclusive relationship is one of the things that many people want and infidelity will ruin any relationship.  Honesty and fidelity are the two most important elements of successful relationships.

SATISFACTION.  Women need to be mentally, emotionally, physically, and, yes, sexually satisfied.  While there are men who may see this as a tall order, it really is not that hard if you really look at it closely.  Important keys here are giving women the attention and the sensitivity they need.  If you really love a woman, giving her satisfaction is not a hassle but a rewarding experience in itself.

ACCEPTANCE.  Society has many stereotypes and culturally and socially defined concepts on what and how women should be.  However, women are individually unique creatures and many of them do not fit or do not want to fit into the box of societal expectations.  These societal expectations bring about a lot of insecurity in many women so men need to accept their partners as they are.

In any relationship, acceptance is a very important element.  Learning to accept the limitations and shortcomings, as well as the imperfection of your partner, is a part of building a relationship on solid foundations.

APPRECIATION.  In making any relationship succeed and last for a long time, both partners need to make it work.  More often than not, it is usually the women who do little things to please their partners and who go the extra mile to make something special.  With this, men need to show and demonstrate their appreciation.  A smile, a kiss, a hug, or a peck in the cheeks is oftentimes enough to make women feel that all their efforts are worth it.

SUPPORT.  There are many ways that men can show their support to their partners.  Women would always love for their men to be with them and be willing to be with them through good and bad times.  No matter how strong or mature a woman is, she will always appreciate a shoulder to cry on.  Women need their partners to be somebody they can confide in, can share her worst fears with, and be with them especially when the going gets tough.

GROWTH.  A healthy relationship allows both partners to grow as individuals.  Growth in this context would mean emotionally, psychologically, professionally, among others.  While some may experience that their personal growth is stunted by a relationship, this should not be the case in healthy relationships.  Men should give women the freedom to grow and not be confined under a man’s shadow and this goes the same for women.  A quote from Kahlil Gibran, “…the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other’s shadow,” clearly encapsulates this.

I hope this was of some help…

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