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With Valentine’s Day upon us every year, many couples are planning to celebrate Romance special day and prepare gifts for their partners.  For men, one popular Valentine’s gift that they give to their partners is flowers, particularly roses. Roses have been traditionally part of Valentine’s Day and many other special occasions. Aside from being very romantic, roses are not that expensive as compared to other gifts.

Contrary to popular belief, the symbolism of roses is not confined to love.  The symbolism that roses have can be traced back to Greek mythology and Roman culture.  In Greek mythology, the goddess of love, Aphrodite, is closely associated with roses as she is often depicted with roses in her hair.  The rose also symbolizes secrets, as used in the term “sub rosa” or under the rose that can be traced back to the Roman Empire.  Romans would hang roses over the table during their secret meetings to symbolize that nothing discussed will be divulged to anybody.

rose1The symbolism that rose has depends on its color, number, and kind.  If you are planning to give roses to your sweetheart this forthcoming Valentine’s Day or for any special occasion, you must be aware of the symbolisms and meanings of roses to be able to give her the right one for the right occasion.  Nothing can ruin a woman’s day like being given the wrong rose.  Here are some of the symbolisms that those beautiful flowers hold:


For Valentine’s Day, your best bet would be red roses as they mean romantic love.  Giving red roses is a great way of saying “I love you” so be sure that you are really in love with the person that you are giving red roses to.  Aside from love, red roses also symbolize courage, passion, and beauty.  There are also other rose colors that challenge red roses as Valentine roses and these are purple and coral roses.  Coral colored roses symbolize desire while purple roses symbolize enchantment or infatuation or could also mean that you have fallen in love at first sight with the recipient.

rose3Another popular color for roses is white.  White roses symbolize purity, humility, and innocence, among others.  White roses are associated traditionally with marriages and new beginnings.  Yellow roses are also popular.  However, yellow roses may be the only roses that are not associated with love and romance.  Usually given to graduates, new mothers, or to appreciate true friendship, the symbolisms of yellow roses include gladness, the joy of friendship, welcoming, and the promise of a new beginning.  They could mean “congratulations”, “thank you”, “remember me”, or “welcome back”.

There are also dark pink roses that mean gratitude, admiration, thankfulness, and appreciation.  Light pink roses symbolize admiration.  Orange roses, on the other hand, signify enthusiasm, fascination, and desire.  Peach roses mean gratitude and appreciation and a great choice after your first romantic date as it would mean your desire to get together again.

blue roseOf all rose colors, perhaps the hardest to find are green roses and blue roses.  Green roses are not abundant in nature and they symbolize spirit rejuvenation, wealth and luck, and fertility and new life.  Blue roses, on the other hand, do not exist in nature but are either dyed or are products of genetic engineering.  They mean impossibility and unattainability and they symbolize something that is difficult to achieve.

Number of Roses

When giving roses, the number of roses also has meanings.  The most popular would be three red roses that mean “I love you”.  One rose means dedication or devotion to the person while two roses mean mutual feelings of affection and love.  Six roses mean “I miss you” while seven and eight symbolize infatuation and togetherness, respectively.  A dozen roses mean there are dozen ways you care about the person and two dozens say that you think about her every hour.  Three dozens mean a romantic attachment like no other and say that you are head over heels in love with her.  Four dozen roses symbolize unconditional and unchanging love.

rosesIf there is someone you secretly admire, send her thirteen roses.  If you send forty roses, you are saying that your love is genuine.  Fifty roses, on the other hand, symbolize boundless and unconditional love while a hundred roses mean that you want to grow old with her.  If you are popping the question, you should know that one hundred roses mean a proposal of marriage.

What Kind of Rose

Long-stemmed roses could be the most popular choice for different kinds of occasions.  They are elegant and they traditionally mean “I will always love you.”  Short-stemmed roses, on the other hand, symbolize youth, sweetness, and innocence.  A thornless rose means love at first sight while two entwined roses say “marry me.”

Sweetheart roses, which are small and are usually in a bouquet with other flowers, convey gratitude and love.  Sweetheart roses also say “you are my sweetheart”.  Rosebuds, on the other hand, symbolize youth and innocent love.  If you are planning to give rosebuds to a woman, you should know that a red rosebud mean innocence and beauty while white rosebuds symbolize girlhood and purity while pink rosebuds symbolize grace, youth, and loveliness.

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