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Looking for the perfect Romantic ? Birthday, Christmas, or Oops, Sorry!
Romantic A gift of love, when chosen with some thought, should say all the right things.
Lacking inspiration, or confidence? How to ensure your Romantic gift ideas will loved by your loved one.Chocolate: Chocolate has long been named as an aphrodisiac, and is considered an essential ingredient in the art of seduction. Chocolates are great for gifts in the initial stages of dating as they are not seen to be too expensive or heavy on emotional statements. Unless the girl you are dating appears to have an issue with eating, chocolates will always be welcome. Comfort food for all occassions. Fine chocolates are a deliciously seductive way to enjoy an after dinner coffee. Chocolate is also appropriate for saying ‘hope you are feeling better’, ‘sorry’ and ‘think of me while you eat these’. Here is an amazing chocolate site where the sky is totally the limit.Flowers: Through the history of time, flowers have been linked to romance. Flowers will probably last longer than the chocolates, and the recipient is reminded of you every time they look at them. Not sure about buying flowers for a man? Then what about a plant. Do you think flowers are too girly for your tomboy date? How about buying her a cottage herb in a pot for her window sill that she can use in her cooking. If you are uncertain about color combinations try matching to the first outfit she was wearing when you met her.Buy the flowers in her favourite colour. Color coding to her couch or her drapes are also fantastic ideas. Be sure to explain to her that this is what you have done to win extra brownie points for observation skills and to show her you are eager to please.Many blooms come attached with traditional meanings. These flowers all have positive messages:
Blue Periwinkle: Initial stages of friendship.
Purple Lilac: First stages of love.
Peach Blossom: I am yours. Captive.
Orchid: You are beautiful.
Gardenia: Secret love.
Azalea: True to the end.
Spanish Jasmine: Sensual. I think you are very sexy.
Cactus: Enduring love.
Purple Violet: You occupy my thoughts.
Red Rose: Passionate love. I love you.
Hibiscus: Deicate beauty.
Jonquil: Desire.
Honeysuckle: Bonds of love.
Dwarf Sunflower: Adoration.
Red Tulip: Love declaration.
Apple Blossom: I prefer you.Who knew there were so many beautiful sublime messages in that ubiquitous buch of flowers?

However, you might want to think twice about sending some of these floral beauties:
Yellow Carnation: You disappoint me.
Striped Carnation: Refusal.
Red Carnation: Heartbreak or heart ache.
Sweet Pea: Departure.
Lotus Flower: Estranged love.
Yellow Chrysanthemum:Slighted.

Now I know why the old carnations from the corner store have never done it for me!

Special days of the year and calendar months all have their own flowers dedicated to them.

If you want to create a really meaningful statement for your special person how about trying Romantic Flowers for their professional input.

Perfumes and Colognes: The definition of perfume is ‘a pleasing, agreeable scent or odour’.
Most of us would also agree that it is also a pleasing and agreeable gift to receive. Perfumes and colognes are easy romantic gift ideas, as they can be perceived as being anything from a total luxury gift to something very personal and intimate. Perfumes are very strong memory triggers and can become very sentimental in the right situation. Perfumes and colognes are now being made to stimulate the sexual arousal receptors in our brains. Unsure what to buy him or her? Have a scout in their bathroom for clues as to their fave. Another great way to get it right is to ask them what they are wearing when you are nuzzling them. In this scenario you will at least know that you like that particular scent on them.

Top 10 Perfumes for Her:
1: Issey Miyake Ladies – exceptionally feminine and alluring.
2: Glow by Jlo- sexy and sparkling clean.
3: Spark Liz Claiborne – spellboundingly erotic.
4: Shalimar by Guerlain – a legendary and classic fragrance.
5: Romance by Ralph Lauren – a seductive scent. Appropriately named.
6: Boucheron Ladies – hinting of the refined orient.
7: Beautiful by Estee Lauder – a lingering romance.
8: Black Cashmere by Donna Karan – warm and alluring.
9: Vera Wang – a modern and elegant scent.
10: Blonde Perfume by Vesace – perfect for a romantic escape. Very feminine.

Most Popular for Him:
1:Versace Blue Jeans – clean and fresh.
2: Contradiction by Calvin Klein – an oriental woody odour.
3: Hugo Dark Blue – great for the office environment.
4: Good Life by Davidoff – more current than Cool Water. Sharp and spicy.
5: Chrome by Azzaro – sharp, fruity and masculine.
6: Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier – original and provocative.
7: Happy for Men by Clinique – subtle and refreshing.
8: D and G by Doce and Gabbana – very fresh.

Inspired to purchase a romantic gift that will have your dream dates nose a twitching? Here are two sites you can look at for heavily discounted prices Mens Cologne and Women’s fragrance.

Posters and Framed Artwork: The unique romantic gift that shows some thought and preparation. Is there something that he or she is mad keen on? Black and white photograghy? Vintage fashion? Sporting memorabilia? Cars? Politics? Entertainment? Magazine covers?

I have discovered the most amazing site that covers an astonishing amount of wall art, canvas art and framed objects. They also sell unframed posters and the like if you prefer. You may even end up purchasing something for yourself at this site. It is a hard one to leave. see the The Love Lounge.

Lingerie: Super romantic event or anniversary? A little tired of the usual boudoir attire of flannel or old boxers? Looking for a pick-me-up? Special lingerie is an ideal romantic gift idea. Choices are to purchase something for yourself to model for their pleasure, or something for them that you would like to see them in. When buying for another, it is best to avoid any unpleasantries by ensuring you get the correct size. You will insult her if you buy her a size 2 when she is actually a 10. A sure fire fun stopper. Click here to find a vast range of everything from bridal to risque to costume, for both the guy and girl – see outstanding and stylish Lingerie here.

Jewelry: Giving the gift of jewelry can be seen as a big statement. Not all jewelry is a diamond ring. Earrings and pendants, for him and her, do not have the emotional commitment behind them in an early relationship as the ‘ring’. Bling can be as big or small as you want it to be.

Watches are another great idea at any stage of a relationship. Nowadays, we all have sports watches, night club watches, the work watch, formal event watches and funky accessory watches. Watches fall into all sorts of price ranges and best of all, whenever they look for the time they will be reminded of you. You are allowed to think the film ‘9½ Weeks’ here if you want to go that far!

Romantic Christmas gift. I love you gift. Thank you gifts. Last minute gifts. Luxury gift. Anniversary gifts. Birthday gifts. Love gifts . I am truly sorry gift. Put some thought into your gift of love and receive the gift of love in return.

Happy Shopping, Coco Swan.

Author: Coco Swan – Cocoa has supplied instant acces to a range of quick decision love and romance gifts here.

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