How to Get Sex Without Buying a Valentine’s Day Gift

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Are you morally opposed to purchasing romantic Valentine’s Day gifts, but still hope to have sex on the 14th of February? Will you not be buying Valentine’s Day flowers? Valentine’s Day candy or Valentine’s Day cards not in the budget? Do you think it is a waste of time and money?

Are you unromantic? Do you consider yourself an atheist who is not praying to the God of commercialism? Are you just financially challenged? Are you just naturally mean? Do you and your other half consider Valentine’s Day to be a silly day designed just to increase the sales of roses and jewelry?

But you still like the idea of having some sex on Valentine’s Day don’t you?

Is your ideal Valentine’s Day night one in which you get to drink beer and watch sport while the missus gives you a blow job? Preferably in Valentine’s Day lingerie? (But nothing that blocks the view of the game.) Is this really achievable without buying your other half a Valentine’s Day gift?

Valentine’s Day is considered by many girls to be the height of the romantic calendar. How to get a girl to have sex with you without buying a Valentine’s Day gift for her could be considered by some to be quite challenging.

There are various strategies you can try to save yourself some cash, but will still result in some hot and heavy action between the sheets:

Indoctrination. With this strategy you really need to start early. Let your girlfriend know that you are opposed to Valentine’s Day commercialism for whatever reason. It would be a good idea to point out all the fantastic things that are available to a loved up couple for free. (Massages, cuddling, sex, sex, and more sex.)

It is important to not come across as mean spirited as she does not want you to look cheap in front of her friends. Explain to her that your undivided attention is better than a bunch of Valentine’s Day flowers that will die, or Valentine’s Day chocolates that will give her cellulite. You must appear to be genuinely looking out for her.

Consider carefully what you say as it will be repeated to all of her friends, college chums or work colleagues.

A Favorite Fantasy. Another great way to get more sex without opening your wallet on Valentine’s Day (except perhaps to reach for a condom) is to ask your girl what her favorite sexual fantasy is. Tell her that this Valentine’s Day, you will be indulging her with this. She may be so excited that she doesn’t even notice the lack of Valentine’s Day gifts.

This night may go a little better with some favorite alcohol, if you both drink. The alcohol will loosen up her inhibitions.

Sex Slave. This strategy is fairly similar to the one above. This time you will be telling your girl that your Valentine’s Day present to her is being her sex slave for the day or evening. This will work better if you give her some warning. No girl wants to end up empty handed. She needs to be aware that her sexy Valentine’s Day gift is happening later. Otherwise your plans may backfire and the only thing your girl will have will be a big headache.

All of these strategies require some planning and work up before Valentine’s Day actually arrives. Girls love anticipation and surprises. A word of warning though, don’t let her think your surprise has cost you money or there may well be a big sulk. Give her a clue like “you won’t be able to tell your friends”, or “my gift to you will be X-rated”.

How to get your girlfriend to have sex with you, without the purchase of Valentine’s merchandise is not really mission impossible. Remember to sound genuine in your beliefs. No girl likes mean spirited men.

If your girlfriend takes umbrage at all these tips, slaps you across the face and leaves, this book will show you how to get a new girl.

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