Here Is How To Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work


Some say that absence makes the heart grow fonder. On the other hand, there are people who believe in the maxim, “out of sight, out of mind.” Whatever other people may want to believe, the importance of constant and open communication between partners is very important, whether it be a long distance relationship or not. With open communication lines, the couple can talk about any problem that could arise and be in the better position to resolve it the earliest time possible.

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What To Do When Your Ex Dates Your Friend


It definitely is not easy to see your ex and your friend together especially if they are lovey-dovey and all. The feelings of hurt, frustration, anger, of being betrayed and losing your confidence can be overwhelming. These could cloud up your perception of things and would make it really difficult for you to determine the right thing to do.

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The Secrets To Making Your May-December Love Affair Work


May-December love affairs are not that uncommon nowadays but people involved in it, more often than not, find it hard to have their family and friends accept and respect such relationship. Some family members or friends would even try to break off the relationship but the important thing is you and your partner remains strong.

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Know The Warning Signs Of An Abusive Relationship


Emotional and psychological abuse is not that easily to recognize but it is as damaging, even more damaging in some cases, than physical abuse. When the wounds and scars inflicted by physical violence fade, those that are emotional and psychological in nature will remain. These cause self-esteem issues and deep emotional consequences for those involved in an abusive relationship.

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Breaking Up Gently


You have been in this serious relationship for a couple of years now. Suddenly, you find yourself falling hopelessly for another. You are now in a relationship crossroad and you need to make a decision. Will you remain in your stable relationship with your partner or should you take the chance with the new guy? You are not alone in this predicament. Many people, whatever race or age, go through this phase in their relationships. In the event you come up with a decision, you would live with its consequences, whether good or bad, whether you like it or not. This is one inescapable fact when we get into relationships to find that someone who we will want to share our life with.

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How to deal with Dating Violence


Provides helpful information on physical abuse, dating violence and getting help. Dating violence is physically, emotionally, or sexually abusive behavior in a dating relationship. It happens in both gay and straight relationships, and is often characterized by aggressive and controlling behavior towards a partner.

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