Lavalife offers singles anytime, anywhere connections that make single life a positive, fulfilling and self-esteem building experience through relationship opportunities, social interaction and a like minded community of ideas and information.
They offer telephone-based products in over forty cities throughout North America and Australia. They offer friendship, dates, and relationships.
It is definitely worth reading the bios on here, there are some genuine people, but let’s just say there are also people with a big attitude problem. You have been warned exercise some care.


“Wow, I cannot even begin to describe how horribly UN-user-friendly this site is. It gets my vote for having the worst interface. Nothing about navigating through the site is intuitive.

Like other sites, most of the profiles appear to be fake. Prices are a rip off. 50 credits for $14.95, and it takes 6 credits to email someone. So that means you can email 8 people at about $1.87 per email. That’s outrageous!! Other sites I’ve seen that use credits charge about half that.

Lavalife is so poorly designed and so laughably expensive, it gives me a headache just talking at it.”
So a

Rating 2/

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