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Let’s just say you’ve met a beautiful and wonderful woman on a romance tour and decided to propose. Now you need to bring her home. But how?

A little reading makes it easy to see why a Fiancee Visa is a better and simpler alternative to the standard B1/B2 Visitor visa if you are serious about wanting to marry your foreign girlfriend.

I highly recommend reading what William Livingston at has to say to find out why.

William Livingston is the principal in the Law Firm of Livingston & Associates, a law firm operating out of Southern California. William Livingston handles only immigration matters for his firm. He is a regular contributor of articles on immigration matters to several ethnic newspapers.

They offer an EZ-DO-IT Fiancee Visa Package that could save you thousands of dollars.
His Package gives you these fantastic advantages…

What the INS doesn’t tell you that they want. The guide outlines all of the nuances, no matter what your situation is, to ensure that the package you submit is complete and processed without requests for additional information.

Gives great advice on such matters as to where to get married and where not to, children and other family members, what information she should have, how long it should take and how long it might take, and much, much more!

  • This guide is an outstanding reference throughout the entire process and is a must-read, even if you are just considering embarking on the process.
  • It tells you how to monitor the progress of your application and what to do if you find the INS is ignoring you.
  • How to expedite the final stages of getting her visa once you have approval.
  • Revised in June, 2000 to include newly enacted laws and policies. It is absolutely the most current and complete package availableat the time of writing.
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