Recommended Dating Affiliates

These are my favourite affiliates for several reasons;

1. Return on traffic

2. Customer service response

3. Diversity in service supply

4. Reliability

Note: I did have more on this list but merchants who let me down or a member down more than once in any of the areas mentioned in the four points above have been removed.

Best returns list –

These guys produce the best returns from all the affiliate and reviewed sites on DatingXLence. They offer good service to their members. In fact, I haven’t had one complaint to this point. That’s been over quite some time too. More importantly, the support people get back to me quickly and are keen to help (unlike some). Note: they don’t cover all the dating themes, but the themes they do support, they do so extremely well. If you want to be an affiliate to their products, here’s the link to get you started

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