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A London based dating service with a difference, go to a party with up to twenty different people, spend a maximum of three minutes with them, and if you do not like them, move on to your next date with no pressure.

Book 3-Minute Dating three nights of partying at £20, and get the fourth one free. It is a no nonsense quick easy to use site, with a great concept I loved it
What they say about themselves
“Speed Dating really works! Speed dating has become a huge success in bars across London with hundreds of single people making snap decisions about potential partners every night.

Today scientists reveal that it really does work.
They say it takes only three minutes to decide whether we will fall in love, remain friends or never speak again. Researchers at Ohio University studied 170 new undergraduates arriving. They found that after three minutes of conversation they were able to predict how well they would get on with fellow students.

Professor Artemio Ramirez was shocked by the results. “Earlier research assumed there was a cumulative effect that happens in the first few days. But we’re finding it all happens in minutes.” Students were given either three, six or 10 minutes to talk to each other before making a prediction as to how they thought the relationship would develop. Researchers found those who chatted for three minutes were as successful at predicting the outcome as those who spent longer together.

Students were also asked to predict which type of relationship they thought they would share with the person. Nine weeks later researchers discovered almost all the predictions were correct. “It seems we make a prediction about what kind of relationship we could have with a person very quickly, and that helps determine how much effort we are willing to put into developing a relationship,” said Professor Ramirez. He believes the phenomenon is part of a subconscious bid to save time and that speed dating may indeed be the best way to meet someone.”

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