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It is true that tens of millions of people world wide are using the internet daily to find someone to partner with and have fun. However, some sites in the world are not worth the risk and when they are of poor quality, we tend not to review them or even consider them for this site. As there are thousands of sites worldwide, we gradually add the sites worth reviewing to these pages.

The UK sites immediately below are recommended and stable at the time of reviewing.

The British are a fun loving lot with a larger than life zest for pleasure, fun and an enviable ability with humor.

They are seen worldwide to be worldly and entertaining. If you are English. seeking an English or British partner, this site is worth inspecting to get good results in UK dating. Even if you’re not a Brit., you should try and meet some, you won’t be sorry. This wet little group of islands has produced a race of romantic fun lovers.

These are the only two we’re prepared to promote to you at this point.

Date the UK

This is quite special and certainly worth registering on (if only to increase your odds). It’s well established and focusses on the UK scene only.

By the way, registering is free.

Rating 4.5/5


It’s extremely diverse and flexible. Customer service is reliable. An enormous amount of people to choose from and it’s well established.

Rating 5/5

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