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When both people in a potential dating relationship are Chinese, they are well aware of their country’s cultural norms.  However, when one of those people is not Chinese, explanations about Chinese culture and its impact on Chinese Dating are necessary.Here are some tips on dating and Chinese culture:

– Chinese women are typically a little coy and expect the man to make the first move. The culture is such that men still chase the women, and expect them to take the lead in the relationship. If you are contacted by a Chinese woman on a dating site, always be respectful and polite.

– In China, age, health, and salary aren’t private matters and can be freely discussed.

– In China, most women marry early and it’s deemed very unusual to be single into the thirties. These “older women” are often quite receptive to dating opportunities.

  • Likewise, previously married women who have gotten divorced or are widowed are often seen as invisible on the dating scene, and will likely welcome the attention.
  • Educational status is important in China, and Chinese men and women will pay more attention to degrees than will many other cultures.
  • Another thing of importance to Chinese women is financial security. No, they are not gold-diggers; just believe that financial stability and status is important for the relationship to be stable as well.
  • Most Chinese people with a good grasp of the English language are quite well-educated. On the other hand, if he or she doesn’t speak much English, it probably only means that they’ve not had the opportunity to practice. Patience will go a long way in helping them to pick it up much more quickly.
  • In China, it is quite common for people not to have a religion. During Mao’s time, religion was banned in China and many churches and temples were destroyed. Mao believed it was backward and superstitious.
  • In Chinese culture, men are expected to pay for the expenses of dating, including dinner, movies, taxis, and any other costs. Chinese women expect the men to be chivalrous to some degree.
  • Always be upfront with your intentions as many Chinese people date only to find a mate for marriage. If you’re just looking for a good time, you need to make those intentions clear from the start to avoid any ugly misunderstandings later.
  • Many Chinese refrain completely from drinking alcohol, so suggesting stopping for a drink on a first date might not work so well. Instead, opt for lunch or coffee.
  • Punctuality isn’t such a huge thing in China as it is elsewhere, nor is keeping dates and appointments.  Learning the Western way might take just a little time, and they may not understand in the interim what you are so mad about.
  • Do not be offended if he or she helps you tidy your things or perform some maintenance for you around your home. It means that he or she really likes you and wants to do something to help you.
  • Also be aware that asking about your health and taking care of you when you are sick are two ways of showing how much you care about someone in China. Looking after what you eat, what you wear, and your health is not the Chinese person’s way of attempting to control your life. This is the way they share their feelings in an indirect, but very classy way.
  • Chinese people often keep their feelings inside. They might be crazy in love with you, but never say it nor allow it to appear so on the surface. They also may tell you they “like you” instead of “love you,” but to them it means the same thing.

Being aware of some of these major differences in culture between China and most of the western world will help you to be understanding of each other and of the other’s expectations. Here are some affiliate links we reviewed on your behalf for asian dating.

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