Do Pheromones Really Work?

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Looking to increase your sexual attractiveness? Want to enhance your sex appeal? Well, search no further! According to 3 independent university studies, the answer lies Do Pheromones Really Work. The odorless love scent that will transform you into a sex magnet.

What are pheromones? Pheromones are defined as ‘a chemical secreted by an animal that influences the behaviour of others of the same species, often functioning as an attractant of the opposite sex’.

Fundamentally, pheromones are naturally occurring substances that a fertile body will excrete externally. This then conveys an airborne signal which elicits a reaction from the opposite member of the same species.

Pheromones are well documented as the force controlling all social behaviour, including reproduction, in the animal kingdom. Pheromones are natural biological substances that our bodies create specifically to lure others. University research has now shown that human behaviour is also tremendously influenced by these invisible, odorless sexual magnets.

The word pheromone is derived from the Greek word ‘pherein’ which means to carry or transport, and the word ‘hormone’ to stimulate.

The history of pheromones. In 1959, pheromones were first classified as chemical substances that could trigger reproductive behavioural responses from a sexual partner of the same species. Human pheromones were proven to exist in 1986. By 1999, pheromones came to be defined as a chemical excreted by animals that promote behaviour that ensures the continuation of that particular species.

How to use your pheromone products. Human sex pheromones are colourless, concentrated liquids that will not affect the aroma of your favourite scent. You add this natural love scent to colognes, perfumes, or eau de toilettes that are alcohol based. At least every second day, you apply pheromone mix above your upper lip, behind your ears, and anywhere else you fancy. You have to apply your pheromone perfume solution as a splash on and not as a spray or aerosol.

Pheromone research. Do pheromones really work? Since 2002 there have been 3 university studies involving pheromone research in the U.S.

In March 2002, researchers at the San Francisco State University (SFSU) concluded that men are more attracted to women wearing pheromones. This resulted in the women experiencing more formal dates, affection, heavy petting, kissing, and sexual intercourse. Their study proved that when a woman’s perfume is laced with synthetic pheromones this acted as a sexual magnet, increasing the sexual allure of the women to men. 79% of the women in the study who had pheromones added to their regular scent saw an overall increase in the sexual behaviour of men. This is a biological signal to a male that suggests this female can reproduce and he responds with romantic behaviour related to securing intimate relations with her. This is not a smell one can detect, nevertheless the male and female are aware of it, but it’s very powerful. The chemical appears to influence a man’s desire to have sexual intercourse’ stated research author Norma McCoy SFSU psychology professor.

In March 2003, a study at the University of Pennsylvania demonstrated that after exposure to male perspiration, women’s moods brightened, their tension lessened, and they became more relaxed. There was also an effect on the stimulation of their luteinising hormone, which is involved in the process of ovulation.

February 2007, University of California, Berkeley. Researchers here showed that a few whiffs of a chemical found in male sweat (androstadienone) was enough to increase her sexual arousal, improve a woman’s mood, and elevate her vital signs. Within 15 minutes, their blood pressure, heart rate and respiration had increased and these remained elevated for more than 1 hour.

It seems absolutely conclusive that these odourless, natural love scents, aka pheromones, will illicit a sexual response from the opposite sex when you are wearing them. So if you are aspiring to become a sexual magnet, perfume or cologne laced with pheromones, could be for you! The perfect accessory for the little black dress or a great addition to your favourite after shave.

Breathlessly, Coco Swan

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