Broken Heart

Relationships are some of the most complex things in our lives, as they require a lot of work to function properly. This is why it often ends with a bad or poor experience, whether we are talking about a few months or years. It doesn’t matter whether this has occurred due to cheating or by other means, when it comes to many women, finding the power to move on is not a simple thing to do. More importantly, you might find it difficult to trust the other men after such an experience.

Decide to move on

Perhaps the most important thing to do to trust men again is the first step in this complicated process: deciding that you want to trust them again. Getting over your experience will not happen quickly because a bad romance or relationship always creates a huge barrier requiring focused dedication to climb over. This is why you need to understand what hurt you most in the previous relationship before you can move on to other men.

Take your time

Don’t think that once you decided to move on, you can simply start dating again and everything will be OK. Allow yourself to get some order back in your life when it comes to your feelings and to establish  your priorities. Once you do, you can begin experiencing romance again and start the actual process of healing.


Forget about defensive strategies

It is normal to feel uncomfortable or angry after your trust has been broken. However, if you want to learn how to gain confidence again, you need to remove that barrier. This doesn’t mean that you should trust everyone around you, but you shouldn’t easily reject someone just because you have suffered in the past. Show an interest in any man who tries to get close to you instead of turning him away. Simply show some courtesy and use that to slowly bring you back to a comfortable social position with men again.

Ask for help

You don’t have to get over your male related issues alone. Allow friends to help you with their support and advice. If this is not enough and you cannot get over your distrust no matter how much you try, you should consider seeking professional help. This is nothing to be embarrassed about. A professional person who is neutral and is also qualified as a therapist can provide you with answers or solutions more often than not. You can even download help in the form of eBooks and guides these days, some specifically for women. Our own brand of eGuide explains how to get a man. There’s some extra free related literature that you can lay your hands on there too.

As you probably know, there is no perfect answer because everyone’s experience is different but I do know the more you work on this issue, the better it gets. You will find that both time and friends’ support are extremely beneficial in these scenarios. Besides that, keep in mind a few tips which will allow you to get through this process easier and faster:

  • Don’t postpone the moment when you want to really live again and put your trust in men as you once did.
  • Think about men as you think about women: there are women who cheat in a relationship, as do men. Equally, there are women who don’t cheat etc. Not all women are the same, and this also applies to men.
  • Seek out therapy if this is what you think you need. Usually you’ll be the best judge of this
  • Deal with your anger and sadness emotions instead of ignoring them because in time, this is how you will heal the scars. Also, this is how you will learn to understand that all men are not always created equal. In this sense anyway!

If you’re ready to take action and learn all you can about finding, attracting and keeping a man, I think this is an excellent source of free dating tips for women. Have a look – you simply sign-up and they arrive by email and they explain a lot!

Hope this has been helpful.

Billy Baker