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According to the Webster Dictionary, the definition of kissing is a touch with the lips especially as a mark of affection or greeting.  While there are many customary times to kiss, the time that has the most impact, is of course with that someone special.   Kissing your partner in an intimate way can leave you with butterflies in your stomach and tingles over your entire body.  This is especially true at the beginning of a new relationship.

After all, the excitement and anticipation are very strong during this time.  While kissing comes naturally for some, it can be trickier for others.  Here are some tips to make kissing most enjoyable at the beginning of a relationship, as well as how to keep the sparks flying in the more mature relationship.

Let’s begin with looking at some important guidelines you should always follow leading up to a kiss.  No matter when or what type of kiss you are planning, these important steps should never be left out.

* Make sure your breath is fresh.  There is nothing worse than kissing someone with bad breath.
* Find the perfect moment.  Don’t ever try to just force a kiss.
* Relax.  Being tense never leads to a good kiss.
* Keep your eyes closed.  This heightens your sensation and makes the experience more enjoyable.

Now that you have some basic components of a great kiss down, let’s take a look at some special types of kisses and beyond.  From the first kiss to the advanced kiss, to making out, there is so much anticipation.  Following the tips provided will allow for a great romantic experience.

Here are some principle kissing guidelines

The First Kiss:
Out of all the kisses, this is the most anticipated and of course monumental to the start of any relationship.   While the first kiss can be sensational, it can also be awkward and clumsy.  To avoid the later, you will want to first follow the 4 tips for all kisses.  Then, find the right moment.  It is never good to kiss the first time in a public place.  Find a comfortable place.  Gaze into each other’s eyes, stroke your partner’s hair and gently touch his/her face.  Then lean in and start slow and gentle.  From there, let the kiss naturally progress.

French Kissing:
French kissing is a passionate kiss that can be intimate and arousing.  It is a deep kiss where tongues intertwine.  To start off the kiss you will want to start slow and gentle.  Let your lips meet, and as the feeling intensifies slowly begin to part your lips.  When your partner follows slowly work your tongue into his/her mouth.  Follow each other’s leads and begin to explore.

Adding Romance to a Kiss:
Kissing is certainly an intimate part of any relationship.  It is a given way to show romance and affection to your partner.  When exploring beyond a first kiss and a French kiss, keep in mind that what one person likes another may not.  So, as you explore to new levels communicate with your partner your wants and desires.  It is always sensual and fun to explore beyond each other’s mouths.  Get the sparks flying by kissing your partner’s neck and earlobes.  Of course don’t stop there, continue to find the sensual areas of each other’s bodies.

Making out Techniques:
As you and your partner grow into a deep relationship, kissing will most likely not be enough.  Over time as you kiss you will want to explore.  Of course start slowly.  You can start simply by caressing your partner’s face and running your fingers through his/her hair.  Rubbing your hands up and down his/her back can also be very sensual.  As your hands explore beyond these areas, make sure you are both comfortable and ready.  And as you are, enjoy the sensations that kissing and making out brings to your relationship.

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