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Love Thermometer demonstrates member compatibility.
Astrological Signs – One of the few sites that includes this information.
Great site design, easy-to-use and separating the ‘type’ of relationships into categories is a great way to handle things.
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Manline has created multiple destinations to ensure your specific needs, be it dating, romance or intimate, are met in a comfortable and exciting environment. Come on in, there are a lot of people waiting to meet you right now.

Testimonials – “Dear I met the man of my dreams on November 25, 2000. We talked on the phone one night, and then the next day we met. We have so much in common. We are both affectionate, and I truly believe that this is going to develop into a lasting relationship. Thank you, for bringing Dave into my life. Kenneth (kdan5474)”

“Thank you We (Robert & Charles) met through your romance category in just a short while and are now united (in the same state, house, and heart). Thanks again, Honest Love (Charles) StAugRob1 (Robert)”

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