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Senior Friend Finder

This site is geared to the over 45’s, now don’t all e mail at once and say that that is not Senior, let’s say that perhaps the designer had a senior moment when naming it! I admit to being in that age range myself, but think it could have a better title.

Its services are geared to all heterosexual, gay, and lesbian, both in singles and groups. A big plus for this site is that it ranges people by interest. The interest range is enormous, and includes, passive and active activities, however I personally took exception to “napping”, but I will be big enough to say that obviously some find it interesting.

The only thorn in the flesh I personally found in this site is that the colours are not restful on old eyes, the greens and brown could be better, the site would definitely be improved by being given an overhaul by a “senior designer” (I promise that that comment was not inspired by being described as a senior). As a plus the site is easy to use and is user friendly.

There is an excellent browse by demographic location, so that you are not trawling for days looking at people in Timbuktu when you want someone in Seattle. For countries outside the States it lists clearly how many other people are members in your own country. It also offers an excellent magazine with articles written by its everyday members. Have a look at the articles on humour.

Despite its not very effective colour design, it is a good place to start if you are looking for friends in the over 45 range, and I will leave it to you to define whether it is senior or not!

RATING 4/5, perhaps it is harsh, but the colours swung it!

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