RSVP boasts to be the largest dating service in Australia. It has not a huge database only 500,000 subscribers at the time of review. This is what they say about themselves.
“It is FREE to register your profile with RSVP and put up a photo. You can start easily by doing this and see if anyone contacts you.

It is also FREE to send RSVP kisses. If you’ve found someone you are interested in, you can try sending them a kiss. You can’t include any message of your own with the kiss, and they will have to pay to contact you back.
If you have found someone you really want to communicate with, you can send
RSVP anonymous email.

Just like a letter or postcard, each email needs a stamp, so RSVP members need to purchase stamps to send anonymous email. But remember, RSVP stamps include a FREE reply so the member you contacted can reply without needing to use a stamp of their own.

Stamps can be bought by credit card online by credit card, cheque or money order sent to our office, or by calling our 1900 number and having stamps billed to your telephone account. (You need a RSVP voicemail box to access this last option, but you do not need to record a voice message.)”

The cost of the stamps.
Book of 24* stamps A$89.95 BEST VALUE OFFER!
Book of 18* stamps A$79.95
Book of 12* stamps A$69.95
Book of 6* stamps A$49.95
Book of 4* stamps
(available to bill to phone only) A$34.95
So if that way of communicating appeals to you give them a try!

Rating 4/5

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