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There is only one good internet matching site that we can find that is specifically dedicated to helping seniors meet seniors, that being Senior Match.

However, at those sites with huge databases of personal ads, the number of profiles by senior men and women is really quite astounding, and increasing daily!

We love to hear your love stories. If you meet the love of your life online, please tell us about it!

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Dating for Seniors

This is our favorite seniors dating site. You’ll see why when you visit.

It shows how many people are in your vicinity as soon as you get to the site. You cn also register for free

Rating 5/5


Senior Match – This is a recent contribution to the senior dating review section and it’s quite a good one. In fact, it’s very good. It includes a blog, news, chat, and even a suggestion box.

That usually indicates a progressive site.

They state they can enlarge your circle of friends by 10 times on their front page. All up, the site works well and seems to be popular after looking at their traffic count.

They have also earned a decent ranking. It’s just so much better and simpler to use than all the others.

I’d give it a Rating of 5/5 – you can see it here.

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