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When Top Reasons To Date a Nerd comes to dating, modern women have discovered the old adage, “a good man is hard to find” rings true.  So, there must be something women are overlooking when it comes to finding a suitable date who could possibly end up being “the one.”  

Women have varying tastes in men, such as what is attractive and what is considered a good personality, etc.  The longer a woman is exposed to the singles scene, the more variety in men there seems to be.  This being said, perhaps women need to consider a different type of man that they wouldn’t have previously taken a second look at.

Men who are considered nerds by today’s standards are one type of man that should earn further scrutiny.  Why?  There are many reasons nerds are good date material, but to shorten the debate, the top reasons are listed below.

  • Nerds might be awkward, but 90% of them are well meaning.
  • If they say they will call, they DO call.
  • In this technological era, nerds are useful.
  • It is great for a woman to have her own private information technologist that can make just about anything that plugs into a power source function properly.
  • They are quite romantic, even if their idea of a romantic gesture might differ from the usual.
  • Maybe they will make a web page devoted to you, with links to sonnets and pictures.
  • Remember, this took more thought than flowers, and it will last longer so you have something to show your friends.
  • Because of their previously neglected status, there is a wide variety to choose from.
  • Tall, short, thin or stocky; there exists a nerd for every taste preference.
  • They’ve got brains!  Intelligence is not a bad thing.
  • Most nerds are good at remembering dates like birthdays and anniversaries.

Again, because of their previous neglect, they are attentive and have memorized anything that is bound to make a woman happy.

In a word: sex.

It makes sense that nerds would be good at sex since they have spent a lot of time thinking about it and imagining what it would be like.  Couple the probable reading about sex with an intense desire to make a woman happy, and anything is possible.

  • Nerds are low maintenance when it comes to food, and most of them are perfectly happy with pizza, soda and crème filled snack cakes.
  • This type of nerd is perfect for a woman who is not a great cook, or who just doesn’t like to cook.
  • A woman wont have to worry about her nerd frequenting bars and clubs to check out other women because his mind will either be on his girlfriend or his computer.  Occasionally both.
  • Again, because of a nerd’s keen desire to make his girlfriend happy, he will thoughtfully arrange swaps, where he will go to the ballet if she will go to the latest gamer convention in costume.  It’s a win-win situation.
  • If the time comes that he just refuses to go on an outing, his girlfriend doesn’t have to worry about any shenanigans.  He will most likely fall asleep at his computer and have wonderful dreams about flashing codes and a new gadget coming out in a few weeks.
  • A nerd’s friends will not be jerks.  This is more important than it sounds. The friends are likely to treat a woman with respect and courtesy, and perhaps even a bit of awe.  This is due to the fact that they are not used to their fellow nerd having a girlfriend, thus giving them hope for the future.
  • Nerds will trust their girlfriend, thus enabling her to feel as if she can be herself and not be made uncomfortable about anything that might not be considered perfect.
  • Nerds won’t care if their girlfriends want to lounge around the house sans make-up in an old t-shirt because he does the same thing.
  • Nerds are usually very well educated; tending to be chemistry, mathematics or physics majors and such.
  • A nerd will never run out of interesting things to talk about:  politics, world news, technological advancement to name but a few topics.
  • Nerds spell properly, use correct verbage and punctuation, and know the difference between the toilet, the floor and the backyard.
  • The nerds of today rarely drink, thus diminishing the possibility of their girlfriend coming home to her nerd and his friends passed out in a pile of empty beer bottles.

The final and possibly the most important reason nerds make great boyfriends:  they actually care about their girlfriend and her feelings.  They like their girlfriend as a person, and will treat her as such.

Hope this has been entertaining and helpful.

Billy Baker

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