Why Do Nerds Make Better Boyfriends?

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You may not believe it but nerds make better boyfriends as compared to those gorgeous, sexy hunks you have been going out with for quite a while now. Yes, these ‘cool’ guys may look mysterious and exciting and you may just want to shower them with all your attention until they change for the better but wouldn’t all your efforts be in vain? Wouldn’t this lead to yet another heartache?

Wake up, girl! It’s about time you stop dating jerks (no matter how cool you think they are) and start going with guys who will actually treat you right. Wouldn’t that be a welcome relief after all those heartaches and failed relationships? You bet it would be!

Reasons Why Nerds Make Better Boyfriends

So, why do nerds make better boyfriends? Why is a nerdy guy more worthy of your time and affection? Aside from being able to count on him to fix your laptop when something goes wrong, here are some other reasons why you should consider having a nerd for a boyfriend:

  • He gives you the treatment you rightfully deserve. Nerds make better boyfriends since they hower their women with affection and attention – something you wouldn’t expect to get from what you may now consider to be a ‘cool’ guy. He will give you his full attention, take you out to meet his friends (with him beaming with pride, of course) and wouldn’t let you wait in vain for his call. When he said he’ll call you up, he definitely will. In short, nerds are the perfect gentlemen. Now, tell me, wouldn’t you fall for such a guy?
  • He is passionate. Nerds make better boyfriends because they are passionate about the things they love. So, when one falls for you, you can be sure that he will make you feel very special.
  • He will make you feel appreciated. Let’s face it; nerdy guys don’t get as much action as jerks do so they tend to appreciate the women in their lives better. They can also be quite romantic. As such, being in a relationship with a nerd will spare you the pain of being treated badly or being taken for granted. You will get the star treatment forever! Wouldn’t that be such a refreshing change?
  • He lets you be yourself. If you have a nerd for a boyfriend, you can let your hair loose and relish in the joy of just being yourself. You don’t have to be thoroughly made up or be in that skimpy little outfit every time you are together. Nerds make better boyfriends because you can be sure that he will love you and be proud of you even without your makeup on!
  • He welcomes your suggestions. Unlike all those hardy alpha males you used to date, nerdy guys are usually more open to suggestions. So, don’t hesitate in offering your guy some tips – especially when it comes to something he is not very knowledgeable in (such as fashion and music). For sure, he will appreciate all the suggestions you are sharing.
  • Nerds are smart. Well, everybody knows for a fact that nerds are intelligent people. Most nerdy people are smart, well-educated, successful and responsible. They are good planners and organizers as well and will help you see things in a different light. With all of these qualities, you surely wouldn’t hesitate bringing him home to meet your Mom and Dad. After all, they will surely approve of your boyfriend.

Now that you know how wonderful it is to be in a relationship with a nerdy guy, you may want to be a little bit more understanding and open-minded (remember, he is the total opposite of what you’ve always considered as a ‘cool’ guy) – especially when you are just starting to date someone new. You may also need to share your passions with him and try to find common interests or activities that both of you will surely enjoy.

Having a relationship with a nerd can actually be cooler than most people think!

I hope you find the right guy for you,

Billy Baker

Image Source: itsgeekchic.com.au

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