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5Star Dating Site

These sites are general dating services, some of the largest available online, and are listed in order of our visitors’ preferences.

I suggest that you signup for at least 2 FREE memberships from the dating services below. Place a personal ad at each site.

After that, you can actively search for your perfect partner. In most cases, a Premium Membership will cost you less than lunch for TWO. Pretty good value for a soulmate.The best services in each category are on this page.

  • eHarmony – Already a huge internet dating site, eHarmony has become one of the most popular online dating sites there is, and one of the biggest online matchmakers. Definitely place a FREE personal at this site. When searching through their database, make sure you are really specific. They have so many singles listed that you’ll be scrolling through headlines for days if you simply plug in ‘I am seeking FEMALES in the USA’. It’s even more overwhelming if you’re looking for a guy! Have a look here…
  • Match.com – Now here’s a reliable and at the risk of sounding a little ‘over the top’ powerful dating site. It almost doesn’t matter where you live in the world, they seem to have most geographical area covered. You can even manually select where you would like to date as well.
    I was also impressed that you can become a member for free and pursue others for a little while at first. It certainly has a lot going for it and has been around for over ten (10) years which not many other dating sites can boast. You can read more here or –

    You can go straight to their site here

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