What does it offer, well first one foremost it’s free, so if you are new to the online dating scene its offers you a chance to browse around without parting with any hard earned cash.
One of its attractions is the huge group of members, 4 million people searching for activity partners, with a section for the gay and lesbian. The greatest benefit is that the chat rooms are organised by geographical location. Take a tour of their services, and view what they to offer. They offer pen pals, as well as active sex partners, and cover a wide base of people, including active church members, and as senior section. It’s a user-friendly site, set out very simply.

It offers a variety of chat rooms and the lobby is a great place to get orientated. You state your gender and the gender of the people you want to meet. Then you are asked if you want to use the site for friendship, or an active sexual partnership, and whether you are interested in long or short term relationships or marriage. They offer photos of all the member’s but as this is free to register it is not an issue, but the thumbnails of the photos for non-members are microscopic.


The Love Doctor, where members share advice, it is good for a laugh if nothing else and most definitely an eye opener. The Play Room, which is the place for members to kick back and relax. The Wild Room allows you to let your imagination take over.
Direct quote from a member “Bar hopping is not really my thing, but traditional dating services lacked the fun and excitement I was looking for. On, I can get everything I’m looking for – dating, romance, and love!”

A place for everyone here whatever their orientation, but please beware you can only register up to the age of 99! So swingers over that age are going to have to lie.

Rating 5/5

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