How to Make Online Dating Successful: A Guys’ POV

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Going on a dating site creates quite similar scenarios presented in real-world dating.  Online, you are also confronted by a lot of choices.  You can also easily compare the looks, the personality, and the preferences.  In fact, dating sites give you an option unavailable in the real world: personality tests.  With that in mind, your chances of getting to meet your right guy shouldn’t be too difficult.  Here’s how to get a guy.

Nowadays, when you are a woman and are heading out to meet the right English man, things have become a lot easier for you.  We’re in the 21st century now and, of course, women who have long been empowered to do the first move no longer have to wait for their prince charming to come.  You can now look for him yourself.

So, when using dating sites, how can a woman get an English man to consider her as a viable partner? Obviously, since you are not literally seeing each other, the best that exchanging emails and chatting online could do is to make the right impressions. To make your online flirting very successful, try considering the following:

1. No Prima Donnas Allowed.

In your emails, always do your best not to make the man think that you want to be treated like a princess.  Remember, with women empowerment comes a lot of responsibilities not just the power to vote. So, try making the impression that you are into his games and that you can take care of yourself. We want women who are true to their long-fought battle for equality of rights.

2. You could be in control

Trust us, men out there, if they have marriage in mind, they want women you could take care of themselves and their men. No, this is not saying that we want you to wear the pants.  Life would be easier for everyone if we let each other be in control over certain things. So, when you are looking for a date online, avoid giving the impression that you are very submissive to the point of following everything he says.

3. When both are in the mood, Sex is a good topic.

You read it right.  We are now tolerable of women who acknowledge that they are as sexual as we are.  But like you, we also avoid loose ones.  We avoid those who are always ready to give it all.  Try to be discretely explicit.

4. You are supportive.

Always bear in mind: men, like women, also need support in everything they do.  Show your potential date that you have a way with words especially when he asks for your opinion or advice on a particular issue.

5. Be unpredictable.

Again, like women, men also want a challenge.  We do not want our women to be as predictable as they could be.  It will get too boring too soon! Try thinking out of the box. Try saying things that nobody would think you could say.  But don’t be rude.  Just be a little different.

These five that we shared should be enough to make your online dating experience a good one.  When it comes to anything online, it is also unavoidable to encounter some men who are nothing but perverts; who are not really into finding great women like you.  So, again, in order to meet good English men use only those sites that at least run personality tests and try to make it possible for two people to find what they are looking for.  Go and try to get information about dating from these sites {insert affiliate links}. Enjoy finding your right match! If you like this article, you can bookmark it below or check this page for learning how to get a guy with excellent and relevant techniques.

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