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Starting to feel desperate and dateless? Can’t get a second date? Practice Dating for Women techniques and have the guys chasing you! Follow these dating tips to ensure that you don’t keep making those first date errors.

Do you never get a call back for a second date? Perhaps you fall into one of these categories of female daters that scare the guys off. Have a read. Be honest with yourself, correct your maneuvers, and follow these tips for first date success. Are you:

1: The desperate dater. Do you start calling him after the first date? Just for any reason? The next day? Coming over as needy (and you will, behaving like this) will scare him off. Guys do not like feeling suffocated. Guys like to move at their own pace. If he is going to ring or text he will. Chasing after guys just does not work. Let him think he is chasing you.

2: The interrogative dater. No one likes to feel that they are being interrogated. Are you treating the first date like an interview for the job description of your boyfriend? Would you refuse a second date because not all the boxes are ticked? Your dating check list could be your problem. You may feel like you don’t have all the time in the world to figure out that the guy is not up to your standards, but you still need more than one date to sort through all that. You shouldn’t treat the first date as an interview, as guys find this very intimidating and off putting. A great dating secret is to let things progress naturally over the course of a couple of dates and you will end up finding out a lot more when he lets his guard down than you would have on one date.

3: Sharing too much. Guys hate discussing feelings and emotions. Intimate problems and ex-boyfriends are not first date topics. They do not want to hear about your ex-boyfriend. You will make him uncomfortable talking about these subjects and he won’t be coming back. Being too emotional will make him think you are needy. Guys want a fun first date not a psychology lecture. Leave him feeling good and relaxed.

4: The anxious dater. Try to be yourself on the first date. Dating a new guy can be nerve wracking. Try to be mindful of what you do and say. Don’t fall into the trap of being so anxious that you just open your mouth and let it all come out without thinking. Whatever you do, don’t drink too much for Dutch Courage. A fantastic dating technique is to be mindful of your body language and concentrate on that to keep the nerves at bay. Coco has written a helpful article on sexy body language for the first date if you need more information on this topic. Always remember, he is probably just as nervous as you!

5: The one night stand. Guys like a challenge. Guys like to be the hunters. Sex on the first date is almost always guaranteed to not progress to a long term relationship. What is there left for him to explore? Even if you do have the best bedroom technique he is ever going to experience, make him wait for it. His lust interest is already engaged or you wouldn’t be on the date in the first place. Build his interest in all your other special attributes. By increasing the anticipation he is more inclined to hang around.

6: The fraudulent dater. Sitting there and agreeing with him on everything just to get another date will never work long term. Be honest with your likes, dislikes and interests. Pretending to be something that you are not, will only work short term. If you do not voice any of your own opinions, the guy will never get to know who you really are. You cannot build up any trust or interest in a relationship if he is looking at a mirror of himself. Guys like a challenge. Give him something to work on and think about.Implement these dating secrets now. By registering for and using these free tips and guide at this link you’ll soon learn how to get a man quickly, you will get yourself a long term guy.

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