The Dating Game: How to Get that Girl. 22 Tips for the Perfect First Date

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She has agreed to see you. Now you just have to pull off the perfect first date. Here are the best dating secrets to ensure that first date becomes a hot romance.

1: Don’t try too hard. Most girls agree that a laid back first date is more important. Girls get turned off by elaborate displays on the first date. Bearing this in mind, going for a drink instead of a meal is perfectly acceptable for a first date.

2: Let her know the venue in advance. This dating technique gives her the opportunity to be appropriately dressed and more comfortable in her surroundings. This is particularly important if you are planning something left of field as you do not want her tottering around a golf course in stilettos. If she feels out of place she will never forgive you and you will not be seeing her again.

3: Ensure the venue is not next door to where you live. She will notice and assume that you have sleazy intentions.

4: Confirm your date, preferably the day before. This is invaluable dating advice because if you leave it too late, she will think you are standing her up and will probably plan something else so as to not look needy.

5: First dates should be on a week night and not on the weekend.

6: Give her your personal and work or mobile numbers. If you are too secretive with your details she will assume that you are married or juggling many girls, neither option is seen as attractive to girls.

7: Sit at 90 degrees to her. This is a great dating tip as this is far less intimidating than sitting directly opposite. It also allows for easier hand and arm touching if appropriate. For more information on fantastic first date body language read this enlightening article.

8: Compliment her thoughtfully. All girls have heard the over used cliches. These are truly boring and turn offs, so spend some time before the date if you have to, thinking about what you liked about her initially so you can work on that.

9: Ask original and thoughtful questions. You should have your own life story in a condensed version that can be humorous and brief. Don’t forget that girls find guys with a sense of humour extremely attractive.

10: Make sure that your date is comfortable. If your girl is wearing a skimpy top and you are outside in the middle of winter she is going to be thinking more about hypothermia than you, so it is up to you to ensure that the situation is pleasant for her. Showing her that you are thoughtful and considerate makes a lot of brownie points. You will definitely impress her.

11: Dental hygiene. If you are not kissable she will never have sex with you. Make sure you have cleaned your teeth and that your lips and breath are up to scratch. Don’t assume your three day growth is a turn on.

12: Hold her hand. This shows a level of interest without being too forward. The way she responds to the hand holding will give you some idea of how the date is panning out for her.

13: Suggest sharing a dessert. Girls love to be seduced by sweets. Even if you have been out for a drink you can always move on to a cafe and have a coffee and cake. Girls love sharing sweets as they get to enjoy the taste but only half the calories.

14: Take note of the colour of her eyes. You should be looking at her eyes while you are chatting with her. She will already know the colour of yours. Girls expect guys to notice these details.

15: Tip well. Girls will notice if you are too shabby with the tipping and write you off as cheap. Ignore this first date advice at your own peril.

16: Observe her body language. If she touches your arm then she is interested in you. If she touches your leg then she is really interested. For more information on the flirting female read on

17: Be protective. At the end of the date walk her to her door safely. Do not assume this gives you the right to come inside and have sex. Give her a kiss on the cheek and then say goodbye.

18: Keep the momentum going. If you don’t keep in some form of contact she will start to lose interest. At the beginning you should be aiming for a minimum of one date per week and several phone calls.

19: Weekend dates should be happening by the 4th date. If you cannot make time for your new girl by this stage she will assume that you have something to hide, like a wife or another girlfriend.

20: Do not promise to call if you are not going to.

21: If the first date gets a bit hot and heavy you should call her the very next day. She will be feeling embarrassed and uncomfortable. If you do not call she will feel cheap and used. Best to say ‘I had a great time and can’t wait to see you again’ and then line up another date. Possibly keep the second date a little lighter on the physical side so that she can regroup and then carry on from there.

22: Do not suggest cooking for her at your house as a first date. All girls see cooking at your house as a ruse for sex and this should not be suggested until further down the track.

These are just a few of the principle steps. If you are serious about finding, attracting and keeping a girl, visit this link, watch the video and see why these free tips are a pretty good place to start. You’ll never look back!

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